Ares Wizard is a well-known kodi tool that allows that you always need. It is a free utility that provides instant access to all the 3rd party software which is developed by programmer group that is known as Ares Project.Ares Project is a group of builds like Apollo & CellarDoor Tv. The Ares Project team hosts various 3rd party kodi addons.

How to Install Ares Wizard on Kodi 17-17.6 Krypton(Url Included):-

  • You need to open your kodi player instantly
  • To find File manager, Just select Settings icon
  • Tap on file manager
  • Press on Add Source from left
  • After selecting the add source one pop up will come
  • Click on the option says “None”
  • Now you will get another popup which says  “Enter the Paths or Browse for Media Location”
  • Again you would see two options there either you have to enter a ares wizard URL in the add source or you have to Download Ares Wizard repo using the above Download link.
  • Type the URL as it is & click on Ok.
  • Give a name to it as “Ares Wizard” & then click on OK.
  • Cross check the details and again and click on Ok.
  • Navigate back to the Main Menu & click on Add-ons
  • Press on Package Installer Icon from top left side
  • Choose the option as Install from Zip File.
  • A dialogue box will open
  • Now you can see various types of zip files
  • Find Ares Wizard and click on it.
  • Choose & Hit on
  • Wait for the pop-up notification on the top right and say installed
  • Then click on Install from repository this can be done after selecting the add-on icon
  • Choose Ares Project 
  • Then Program Add-ons
  • Ares Wizard
  • Install
  • Wait for the pop-up notification to occur with Ares Wizard Add-on Installed.
  • From main menu open program Add-ons & Then hit on Ares Wizard.
  • Ares Wizard then extracts & run . It will take some time.
  • After Ares Wizard is started tap on Menu to choose the options.

Ares Wizard Kodi Features:-

From Ares Wizard you can anytime switch builds, download add-ons, load kodi repositories, tweak the video playback settings, clear the cache & much more. If you still thinking about downloading Ares Wizard is good or not. Then scroll down this page and have a look on the below-given features of  Kodi Ares Wizard.

  1. Switch Builds Instantly:- The Browse Builds Menu gives you the access to use the most useful features of Ares Wizards that is download & install new builds. To get a build you just need to select the needed build and click on Install.

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The Builds are good because it gives the features to try out numerous different 3rd party add-ons. Ares Wizard provides two types of builds that are yellow builds & green Builds.

Install All Repos:-

If you tap on browse addons from ares wizard splash screen then click on Repositories then you will be able to connect the 3rd party addons to the kodi repos for download updates. It is also possible to download stand alone versions of addons.

  1. Download Best Addons:-

Many of the favourite addons can be easily downloaded & Installed simply through the use of Ares Wizard video addons menu.  You just need to tap on install to get the required addon.

  1. Tweak Video Playback Settings:-

By default, kodi allot a little amount of memory for video processing. If you may run kodi on laptop or PC then you can increase the chance to better performance. Just click on Tweaks tap in the Ares Wizard and then go through advanced settings wizard. Ares Wizard will automatically get the best setting for the particular system.

  1. Set Automatic Cache Clearing Schedule:-

If you are using Kodi on Laptop or PC then don’t need to worry about the full hard drive with kodi files that you don’t require. But if you are running kodi on a streaming stick or in a dedicated kodi box using Ares Wizard, then you are able to setup automatic cache cleanup schedule.

  1. Test Internet Speed:-

If you are using Kodi Without VPN then you have a chance that ISP is slow down your internet connection. Discrimination of stream videos is illegal but several ISPs do it.

If you want to check that ISP is charging you for the bandwidth that is not letting you use then you can speed up Ares Wizards Handy Speed Test tool.

  1. Backup & Restore Your Kodi:-

If you want a backup on Kodi, you may do this by click on backup tap in Ares Wizard. All you just need to do is choose a backup destination & click on Make Backup.

Ares Wizard Common Errors:-

  • “Ares Repo not installed error”:- This error occurs due to the builds or 3rd party installs deprecated add-ons with their installation.
  • Failed Installs:- There are a great number of reasons available behind the failed installation of Ares Wizard Kodi such as a build can be failed to install. Also, this may also possible to have a variety of other issued but on krypton normally it is a black screen or a screen with few weird icons on the menu bar
  • Build Failed:- The Build is failed because of current build does not have the program or file manager option available. It is always best to turn off the device for few minutes & reboot it to eliminate all types of weird issues with the device being left on.
  • Failed to update:- It must occur because of you are using an older version of Kodi Ares Wizard. Updated the Ares Wizard Kodi and you will be get rid of it.
  • Connection Refused:- you must have exceeded the limits of downloads for the build.
  • Failed to Reach Server:- The message is triggered due to the Ares Wizard is out of reach of the main server or it may be because of ISP Blocking.
  • No Build Lists:- This is the error with the same issue has failed to reach the main server.
  • SSL Related Error:- This issue is normally occurring due to the ISP Blocking & also because of Antivirus on PCs, parental control on Router.
  • Slow Downloads:-Ares Wizard only links to install builds. These are not hosted on servers, therefore, the Archive, Dropbox & other free host sites are used & they will get slower at peak times like weekend etc. The Green Builds at the top is used to host on fast servers, rest of the builds are down to their authors.

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Ares Wizard Not Working Issue:

Whenever you felt a poor performance from your ares wizard service it is a reason for, you might not using an updated version add-on. So once check it. whether you have followed the perfect procedure to install ares wizard on your kodi krypton 17 or more than 17.

We provided some other errors in the above paragraph so it’s better to check them also. Why because they might also be interrupt you in using the latest updated ares wizard on your kodi.

So my dear kodi users without these issues you will not get any kind of issues. So keep checking them when you are getting any interruptions.