Bennu kodi is a updated and renamed add-on. Previously it was called as phoenix add-on. It has a lot of videos such as New releases, movie sites, movies, tv shows, bennu kids,…etc. In this article, we are going to share the topic and the topic is how to install bennu kodi add-on in latest kodi 17.6 version. You should use IP vanish to protect you from the legal notices. About these two topics, you can read this article. Just watch and read this article to know the installation procedure.

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Warning: To get privacy while using the Bennu kodi add-on you should use IP vanish. It will prevent all interruptions from the unwanted and legal notices from that region government. So it’s better to use IP vanish it costs nothing. With very less cost you can get this VPN IP vanish.

In this article, we included all the below topics just read them and select what do you want to select.

How To Install Bennu Kodi Addon Krypton Version 17.6

1.The first thing you need to do is open the kodi on your system> Select settings icon> Now click on File manager

bennu Kodi


2.Here you will see a list of Repositories hanging vertically on your left-hand side, double-click on Add source>  Now a box will appear in front of you where you need to click on None> Type the URL (> click on ok> Type the media source name repo> Click on ok

bennu kodi 2

3.Go back to kodi main menu> click on add ons> go to package installer icon in the top left corner.

Bennu kodi1

4.Now select Install from zip file> Then select the repo> Now select> Wait for few minutes until it installed the add on>After few seconds you can see add-on installed notification at the top right.

bennu kodi 2

5.Now choose install from repository>click on Repository > After that select Add-on repository

bennu kodi 3

6.From there you have to select Bennu

bennu kodi 4

7.Now you can choose the Install option to install it> After clicking on the install,> Then Select Version 17.10.19 repository from Out of 4.

bennu Kodi 5

8.Wait for Installed notification. once Installed notification Came at the right corner>Then Go to>Video add ons> Look for  Bennu add-on from your addons list>Click on the Bennu to install it.

How to Get Bennu Kodi Addon 17.5 Video Guide Below

Bennu Kodi Zip File Download

From here you are going to watch how to download the famous and successful bennu on your kodi. If you want to download this latest bennu add-on you need to follow the below steps.

  1. Get Bennu Kodi Zip file from here .After downloading it you need to Launch your kodi> Chose the add-ons from your kodi home screen> Select Package installer which lies on the top left of the kodi screen
  2. After that you need to choose Install from zip file.
  3. When you see box> Then Upload the Zip File> and then Install it by clicking on the install option
  4. Here you can see add-on enabled notification on the top right of the screen>
  5. Now select Install from repository after getting the enabled notification>Next you have to Colossal Repository > after that click on the Add-on repository
  6. After all this procedure you need to search for Colossal Repository  and click on it to open> After that, choose to install option> It will take several seconds to show the Add-on enabled notification> After this you must select install from repository
  7. Now you can Open Colossal Repository > After that go for video add ons> Here search for Bennu kodi add-on > and click on it to install> It will take some time to install> After instaling the add-on you can use that freely.

These are the easy and simple steps to download the Bennu add-on. Then why late just follow the steps download it and use it for your favourite videos.

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How To Install Bennu On Kodi 16 Version

Till now you have learnt bennu kodi download and install bennu on your kodi 17. From here you are going to learn about the installation process of Bennu add-on for your kodi 16 version. If you are curious to know the installation process you have to read the below steps.

  • Initial step to install bennu on kodi 16 is to select file manager By going to kodi home screen and then selecting the settings icon in your kodi
  • After the above steps you have to choose the add source> Then you can select none option> In that none option you have to type the following URL> The URL is as follows ( This URL should be entered as it is> Now you can give a name to it> Here I am giving the name as Kodi UK tv> now select ok to add this name to your source
  • From here you have to go back to your kodi home screen> from the kodi home screen you have to select settings option> Choose add-ons after choosing settings option> After this you need to select install from zip file
  • From that zip file, you need to select kodi UKTV> and then you can choose> Now select Install from repository >Now choose KODIUKTV repo after selection of install from repository> From there you have to choose to Add-on repository> From that add-on repository you need to select Colossus Repository> The next step you have to do is select install
  • After the above steps you can watch add-on enabled notification> Now you have to come back to the install from repository> After that select colossus repository> From there select Video add-ons
  • From the video add-ons, you can select your favourite BENNU > After selecting the bennu add-on  the install option will appear> Just click on the install option to enable the bennu add-on in your kodi
  • After all this procedure the following notification will appear> The notification is Add-on enabled> Finally you can use this add-on to watch your favourite videos

This procedure will give you the permission to use Bennu add-on on your kodi 16. We hope now you are able to install your favourite Bennu add-on in your kodi

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Bennu Kodi Not Working/Errors/Issues

Most of the bennu users are suffering from the bennu kodi not working issue. Whenever you got that issue you need to make sure the following suggestions. If you have done that mistakes you should make them correct and use your bennu add-on. Now let’s see what are the mistakes that users frequently do.

  1. Most of the users did not enter the correct URL so make sure that you have entered correct URL or not
  2. They might have chosen outdated  add-on so make sure your add-on is outdated or updated
  3. Nevertheless, you are getting same error problem so you should uninstall your add-on and install it from the beginning step.

Here the solution: then click

These mistakes will do by the users. If you find out the above mistakes you have to follow the suggested corrections and enjoy your favourite Bennu add-on on your kodi.

How To Update Bennu Kodi

If you are looking forward to getting the updated bennu add-on on your kodi. Then you can know the updated version of bennu and also you can get that add on to your kodi by using the simple and easy steps. So let’s have a look at it.

  1. Open your bennu addon on your kodi> Click On Information > There you can see Update>.
  2. If Update is available Then>Follow proceed to below written steps otherwise you no need to do anything
  3. Now Launch your kodi> settings> File manager> Add source.
  4. Enter the following URL >> Enter a name for this media source will appear
  5. Here I am giving a name Repo > click ok> Now the folder Repo will appear
  6. return to kodi home screen> chose to add ons> click on the Dropbox icon
  7. Go to install from zip file> now the repo  folder will appear> open it
  8. Now select> keep waiting few seconds> Now kodil repository has installed successfully will appear
  9. From here you need to go install from repository>select> From there you have to select video add-ons>  Now the list of bennu add-ons  will appear> from there choose your favourite updated add on> select install option
  10. Now choose> From here the  add-on is starting DOWNLOADING procedure> Finally the Bennu add-on is installed successfully notification will come
  11. Now use your  bennu add-on for your favourite videos

This is is the way to check the updated versions of bennu add-on and download and install it in an easy way.

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How to Install Bennu Addon On Kodi Firestick

We have given four tutorials about how to install the bennu on different kodi versions. Here we came to tell you about how to install Bennu addon on your kodi firestick. Are you interesting to know this topic? Then why late just look at our article and know more details about the installation procedure.

Before you install the bennu kodi addon you have to download the es file explorer first and then go to installation steps.

  1. To install the ES file explorer you have to follow the below steps
  2. Go to Firestick home screen>select settings>choose system> now select developer option>turn on apps from unknown sources>select ok
  3. Return to the firestick homescreen>select search option>type ES file explorer> select ES file explorer> select free
  4. Once we installed the es file explorer we have to install the zip file forBennu addon
  5. Launch ES file explorer>select favourite>select add option>choose path option>type the URL in it> The URL is
  6. Give a name to it for ex: colossus and click on next>then click on add
  7. Now the colossus will appear just click on it
  8. Now the zip file is started downloading> All files will save in download directory in firestick, so you no need to check anywhere
  9. Go back to kodi home screen( the kodi home screen will appear by following steps from the firestick: settings>applications>manage installed applications)
  10. Click on add ons> Select package installer icon> Choose install from zipfile> choose external storage>select download> now select repository. colossus-xxx.
  11. Wait for few seconds to install the repository>select install from repository>select colossus repository>select video add ons>click on bennu add on>Finally install>enjoy your favourite videos

These steps let you install the famous bennu add on in your kodi firestick. Then why late the procedure is in your hand now just follow the steps and get your bennu add on into your kodi firestick.

Bennu vs Phoenix

Bennu is the latest and updated version. This Bennu add-on came from the Phoenix add-on and it was renamed as bennu add-on. This bennu add-on has varied features than the older version which we were called as Phoenix then. The bennu add-on has a variety of channels and it can deliver more than video channels than the phoenix add-on. If you want to get this add-on you need to follow the above steps to install this bennu add-on on your kodi in different versions. So this is the differences between the Phoenix and the Bennu. Now you have understood what is bennu and what is Phoenix.

Final Thoughts On Bennu Kodi Add on

From this article every body can know the procedure to install the bennu add on in to your kodi versions.In this article we included all the information about the installation procedure of bennu add on. So you no need to go to any other web sites to check the installation procedure. From the above links you can get immidiate response. After instaling the bennu add on you can select your favourite video from that add on and also you can watch them on your kodi in the high quality through the bennu add on. This article will also help full to the new users of kodi. For them only we have discussed briefly about the installation process so follow them and use BENNU kodi 17.5.