Castaway kodi has been familiarised to the many sports can shows you the sports in many languages.i hope you all know about this.and here we are going to discuss the installation process of a castaway on kodi.then you can enjoy your favourite channels where ever and when ever you want.then why late let’s have a look at the process of Castaway on kodi installation.the steps are as follows which we have written for you.

Install Castaway Kodi

  1. You should open Kodi” application
  2. In the top left corner, you can watch “System”
  3. Then click on the option “System”
  4. Then select “File Manager”
  5. The fifth step is to select “Add Source”
  6. Next select “None”
  7. In that, you have to enter “”
  8. Then click “Ok”
  9. Then “Select a Box”
  10. Next, enter a name that would you like (ex: CASTAWAY)
  11. After that, you need to press on “OK” option twice
  12. Then you will be finished “Adding The New Source”
  13. Now press “Back or ESC”
  14. Then select “System Settings”.this should be done before you go to the kodi home screen
  15. Now select “Addons” in the system settings
  16. Then turn on “Unknown Source”
  17. Now come back to the “Hone Screen of KodiI
  18. After that select “Addons” from the main menu of the kodi
  19. In top left corner of the screen you have “Package Icon”
  20. Then click on it immediately
  21. After that, you have to select Install” from zip file
  22. Then select “New Source”(which you have given a name as CASTAWAY)
  23. Now select “Begin Here” option
  25. Then have patience for about some time to install “Indigo Addon Installer”
  26. Then you can watch “Add On Enabled” option
  27. After that go to “My Addons”
  28. Then select “Programme Addons”
  29. After that, you can choose “INDIGO”
  30. Then select “Open”
  31. After that wait for some time until the “Launch Of Indigo Wizard”
  32. Then select “Addon Installer”.After the launch of Indigo installer
  33. Then select “Featured Addons Menu”
  34. Select “Castaway”
  35. Then select “Install Castaway”
  36. In the end of the process, you can select “Install” option
  37. Then the kodi castaway has installed now. 🙂

The above steps are all about the matter to how to install”CASTAWAY KODI”.We hope this article will help you to install this application with out any interruptions.

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after installing the castaway kodi you can use this at any time at any place.but some times it had some restrictions in some regions.some regions may not allow you to watch some language channels in your kodi.for that you need to know the topic VPN.Here we are providing the information about that just have a look at that.

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Stay Safe When Using Kodi With VPN

In some regions you can watch all videos from all the channels what ever you want.but in some regions doesn’t allow you to watch some videos which are streaming from some some regions the usage of kodi add-ons is illegal.Even so, you want to use this kodi application in restricted areas they will trap your ISP and they will send copy right infringement notice to your EMAIL.So be cautious will using the kodi at restricted areas.for the restricted areas we are telling you the alternative application to watch videos in your kodi.the alternative is VPN(virtual private network).then why are you waiting and frightening to watch your favourite videos in castaway the below article and know about the advantages of this VPN application.

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Advantages Of VPN Application

It is a tool that supports to hide your IP address and Encrypt all your internet traffic

1.Bypass ISP Throttling:

By using the VPN you can avoid the sudden drops out your internet speed while watching the favourite can avoid the interruption of your internet speed.

2.Unblock Geo-Restricted Kodi Add-ons:

The kodi add-ons like Freeview, BBC iPlayer, Channel 4, and ITV addons these add-ons are you can use in their specified regions only.if you want to use other kodi application you should use VPN.It will allow you to watch videos in your favourite kodi application.

3.Ultimate Privacy:

The VPN will not allow to see what kind of application you are using now,which website you have used now,etc by others from this will give the best privacy to watch your favourite videos in your castaway kodi application.

  4.VPN Applications:

To setup a VPN connection you have no need to be a tech -fraek.VPN apps on mack,pc,android,ios, and fire stick

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How To Connect VPN Server

in the below the simple steps we have given to connect VPN server in the below.

  1. Sign up with “IP vanish”
  2. Next, “Download the App to the Device”
  3. Then “launch(Open) the app”

So these are the steps to install and protect your self while using the application and watching videos in some restricted areas.we hope this article will help you in many ways.for more updates keep in touch to our experienced website.