Kodi is the most popular application to give the entertainment through the videos and other online entertainment programmes. I think Mostly you have been using exodus on kodi application and covenant kodi application to watch your favourite videos. For a change am suggesting you “use Elysium kodi application” to watch the movies and other videos. Once you have launched this application to your device you will notice the categories like the following list.  They are as follows, tv shows, new tv shows, entertainment shows, movies channel, new movies channel,..etc In this article we are providing the information about how to install Elysium kodi application, How to solve Elysium kodi not working issue and Elysium kodi failed to install. To these issues, you can get a solution from this article. Do you want to know about this Elysium kodi application? so read this article patiently till you get the information.

Easy Steps To Install Elysium Kodi

Here we are providing some easy steps to install Elysium kodi application. You can follow that steps with blind eyes by keeping faith upon us.

  1. Open kodi application
  2. Click on the settings option
  3. Click on the System settings option
  4. Here you need to turn on the unknown sources option
  5. Ignore it if it was turn on
  6. Then go back to system page
  7. Select File manager
  8. Click on add source
  9. Click on none option
  10. Type the following URL in the none option
  11. The URL is http://noobsandnerds.com/portal
  12. Give a name to that portal
  13. Click on OK
  14. Go back to kodi home screen
  15. Then click add-ons menu option
  16. Click on small open box option
  17. Click install from zip file
  18. Click on the portal or on the box you have given a name previously
  19. Click on noobsandnerds Repo zip file
  20. Wait up to enabled message appear
  21. Click on install from repository
  22. Click video add-ons
  23. Click Elysium
  24. Click on install option
  25. Wait for a moment until it install

The above steps are easy to install Elysium kodi application. Now you can download and install it quickly with free of cost to your device.

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 Elysium Kodi Not Working Issue Solved

The Elysium kodi has been struggling with some issues and users also irritating with this not working issue. If you are getting this not working issue you need to follow the below steps to enjoy all the features of this Elysium kodi. The steps are as follows:

  •  You need to go to https://themoviedb.org
  •  You have to sign in with your email id
  •  Click on your account
  •  Go to settings options
  •  Next click on API key
  •  And click on the Developer option
  •  Next click on the Accept option
  •  Fill the information like application name, Elysium URL(www.elysium.com), API key
  •  Select API key3
  •  Open Elysium application
  •  Click on the tools
  •  Click on the settings option
  •  Click on the account from the settings option
  •  Click API
  •  Delete old API to get new
  •  Click on OK
  •  Now you can watch your favourite movies from here.

These steps are the alternative steps to get the Elysium application to your device. If you satisfied with these steps inform to us by commenting in the comment box to share your experience with others.

 Elysium Failed To Install a Dependency

When you will get Elysium failed to install a dependency issue with your Elysium kodi application you no need to worry about your favourite tv shows and about your favourite movies list,  here you can solve this problem with my suggestion. Here I can give my suggestion to you. You need to follow the above two steps that are,  Easy steps to install Elysium kodi application and Elysium kodi not working issue solved. From that two topics, you can solve your problem easily. If you get a good result from this suggestion give an information to us through the comment box.

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 Download Tv Shows And Movies Using Elysium Kodi

In this article, we have mentioned all the information about how to get this application to your devices. But we did not mention the information about the downloading process of movies and tv shows through the Elysium kodi. Here we are coming with this information now. You can use this steps to download the movies and tv shows using Elysium kodi application. Use the below steps to download the movies and tv shows and enjoy your favourite shows and videos.

  •  Launch Elysium kodi application first
  •  Next, you have to open the settings option
  •  And select Downloads option
  •  Next, enable your downloads option
  •  Click on the Movies
  •  Select a folder to save your movies and videos
  •  Then click on OK
  •  Select Playback option from the settings
  •  Then select Default action
  •  And set that to Directory
  •  Next click on OK
  •  And click on Elysium add-on
  •  Select here what you want to download
  • Wait for a moment
  •  Then click on the source/provider
  •  Click on download
  •  Click on confirm
  •  Here your downloading process is starting
  • Wait for a moment until it finish the process
  •  Then go to your selected folder to check your movie or video

These are the steps to download a video or a movie to your device. We hope it will help you a lot. These simple steps will let you watch all your favourite movies and tv shows. If you want to watch any movie or tv show through offline mode you need to follow the above steps.

 Final Words To Say:

We worked hard to give information about the Elysium application and we hope our hard work will use to you much that you want. This application will make you bright while watching the videos with its great features. If you want to use this application and if you want to enjoy all the qualities of this application you need to follow our steps which we have provided in the above of this article to install this application to your device. Would you want to ask any questions? or do you want to give any suggestions about our Elysium application information? then feel free and give your valuable feedback through the comment box.