Have you ever imagine that any interruptions will come while watching your favorite videos with much interest on your device. Oh! no that will hurt you and that will give a lot of irritation. Simultaneously most of the Kodi users are getting the interruptions while watching their favorite videos or any other tv shows through the different add-ons. To avoid this issue you have the only solution is Flashxtv/Pair.

If you want to get the permanent solution for avoiding this issues like flashx tv not working on your Kodi device then you need to follow the tutorial i.e, how to fix “flashxtv/pair” on your Kodi. So just check the steps and follow them on your Kodi software.

Note: Before going to follow below steps once double check your kodi device and pairing device connected to the same WiFi network or not. if not you must connect to the same WiFi network otherwise below steps not going to work.

Fix Flashxtv/Pair On Kodi With Stream Authorization Method (Applicable To All Versions)

My dear Kodi users we have tried this procedure to fix this flashxtv/Pair on our personnel Kodi software on our device. So with that personal experience, I want to share the result as I get. Let’s get started the procedure and be ready with your device.

Important Note: Before Following below steps you must connect your pairing device and Kodi using device to the same WiFi connection otherwise these steps not going to work and also if you use VPN then Turn on your VPN and follow the below steps.

1). First Start  “Kodi Software” From your device. Then you have to select one of your “Favorite Addon”

2). Now you have to “Try To Watch A Movie” from flashx server

3). But you will get a new pop up which says to play this video “Stream Authorization Is Required”

4). To avoid this pop up you have to “Pair Your Device IP address with the Flashx/Pair”

5). For that, you need to open a “Browser” in that browser, you have to type “https://flashx.tv/pairing.php”

6). Here you will get Sign Up” or “Log In” option to select which is relevant to you

Flashx tv pair 1

7). If you are a new user then just “Fill All The Details” in it and click on “Register”

Flashx tv pair 2

8). After few seconds you will get a “Verification Mail” and it will “Confirm Your Account”

9). To confirm your account you have to click on the “Confirmation Link”

flashx tv pair 3

10). Now select “https://flashx.tv/pairing.php”

11). After that, you have to solve some captchas like “I am Not A Robot” or “Verify Me” etc

Flashx tv pair 4

12). Then you have to click on “Pair Now” to complete the process

Finally a pop up will arise like “Your Device Has Paired With the Flashx Pair Successfully” I am sure, the above steps will give you the best path to get rid of the all inconvenient or irritating pop-ups. So use this stream authorization method and fix the flashxtv/Pair on your Kodi device and enjoy all your favorite videos and if you also facing https olpair com issues then here the article.

Fix Flashx.cc/Pair With Alternate Methods

Here we are giving the two best alternative methods when the above method was not working. So try the below alternatives and get your videos back.

  1. Hosters With Captchas
  2. URL Resolver

Fix Flashx.tv/pair With Hosters With Capcthas

The below steps are the instruction “how to turn off the hosters with captchas”, so use them and get rid of any interruptions.

  1. From the “Kodi Home Screen” you have to click on the “Video Addons”
  2. Hit on “Neptune Rising” > Chose “Tools” > “Settings: Playback” > “Turn Off” the “Hosters With Captchas”
  3. Hit on “OK”

It will work without giving any hassels. So try this method also. Now we have an another alternative method and the method is URL Resolver.

Fix Flashx.tv/pair With URL Resolver Option On Kodi

The URL resolver which can convert the expired or any cyber locker links which are scraped into media files. So use the below method to install the dependency which can solve this issue.

  1. Open “Kodi Software” > Hit on “Addons” > Click on “Package Installer” > Then “Install From Zip File”
  2. Here you have to select the zip file “Script.module.urlresolver-x.x.x.zip”
  3. This will be installing to “Your Device”
  4. Come back to “Kodi Home Screen” > “Settings” > hit on “System Settings”
  5. Come beneath of the screen and then convert the “Basic Option To Advanced”
  6. Then hit on the “Addons”  > “Manage Dependencies” > Chose “URL Resolver Addon”
  7. Finally hit on “Update”

That’s all this is the procedure how to update the URL resolver and it will resolve all kind of dependency errors and other cyber locker links issues and here the other isssue called vev.io.pair this you can fix by reading this post.

How To Fix Flash.cc/Pair (Flashx.Tv/Pair) On Fire Tv Stick

To fix the flashx.cc/pair on firetv stick you have to follow the below mentioned steps and then you will be get rid of this no stream available issue on your firestick kodi.

  1. On your “Firestick Device” you have to open a “New Tab”
  2. Enter the ““https://flashx.tv/pairing.php”
  3. Solve “I Am Not A Robot” captcha also you can observe the “IP Address”
  4. Finally click on “Pair”

You will get a notification as “Your Device Was Successfully Paired” with the Flashx.cc/Pair server. You can use this service up to “Four Hours Duration”. After that you have to repeat the procedure to get extra four hours duration.

Is Flashx Pair Safe Or Not ?

Actually, we are giving our device’s original IP address to this flashx pair server, that means it tracks lots of information from our device. As per this aspect flashx pair is not safe to use.

If you want to be in safe zone we must use the VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Flashx.cc/Pair Or Flashx.Tv/Pair Not Working

If you are getting this flashx.cc/pair not working issue you must have to check the URL which you have entered. There is some more reasons which will allow your device to get this not flashx.tv/pair not working issue.

They might be “Expired Your IP Address which was paired with it”, “You might not be followed the proper steps to pair your device”. So check these mistakes and get rid of this not working issue.

Why Should We Use Flashx.cc/Pair On Kodi Device

Actually, the Kodi software is the most familiar for every movie lovers and for all viewers who would like to watch their favorite videos through the Kodi and its latest add-ons. The Kodi has been giving its service from the long years ago. The users of this Kodi software and its latest addons has been increasing rapidly as this software is improving its features.

But the disadvantage of the Kodi and its add-ons for the users is “The Kodi is unable to sustain the huge traffic which is getting from across the world”. So to avoid this sustaining capability issue the Kodi developers have been introduced the flashxtv/Pair system. That’s why we have given all the steps to pair your device with the flashx.cc/pair. You can pair your device IP address from the above-given steps. If you don’t want to use this Flashtv/Pair server on your Kodi then you will get lot interruptions which don’t allow you to watch your favorite videos.

What Is The Duration For Flashxtv/Pair Service For Any Kodi Device

As we all know the olpair, the tvad.me, the vshareeu/pair expires after completion of the four hours duration they will lost their connection with the kodi device. Simultaneously, the Flashxtv/Pair also get connected with the kodi IP address up to four hours duration. You can watch a movie or two movies as per the time that your selected movie has and people who do not how to fix vshare pair then here the article for you.

But after four hours duration what you should do is, Follow the above-mentioned steps to get the new IP address for your kodi device and pair that IP address to the flashxtv/Pair. That’s it you can get another four hours duration keep doing this task and get four hours duration eventually.

Frequently Asked Questions For Flashx.tv/pair

1) Can We Pair Flashx And kodi With The Smartphone ?

Yes we can pair, but you should connect your smart phone and flashx to the same wifi network.

2) How To Get Rid Of Flashx.tv/pair Interrupted Pop Ups And Ads ?

From the “Right Corner” of “Google Chrome Window” click on “Menu Button” > Now select “Settings” > Chose “Extensions” > You need to “Remove Unwanted Programs” > Mostly, related to the “Flashx.tv ad/pair” > To get rid of it hit on “Trash Button”

3) Do We have any permanent way to get rid of any types of pairing best sites without lose any video content ?

By using “Real Debrid” we can easily get rid of these websites


With the above mentioned three methods you can pair your kodi device with this flashx pair server and no need to worry about your privacy if you use the VPN which we mentioned above.

If you still have any thoughts in your mind about any issue then share with us, we will tell you the solution how to get rid of those issues. We hope this article was helped you a lot.