Are you observing an error called, when we are trying to watch movies in the Kodi application in any popular add-on suddenly we get the pop up on the Kodi screen?. On the pop up we get this link called vshare pair eu. This kind of errors coming in popular add-ons because popular addon collect movies from different servers like olpair,, and etc.

There is one simple solution to fix the kodi error within in 1 minute. Well, below we divided the process into some steps that will make you easy to understand. And for better understanding, we provided images too. Once you followed the steps. pair error no longer available on your kodi device.

Fix Stream Authorization On Kodi

When we are open the list of the streaming servers we will get more than 10 links in available servers list right from that list if we pick up any server we get vshare pair and pair Kodi error, so to fix that error kindly follow the guide and enjoy that movies. In below steps, I am taking “fantastic addon” for example purpose. below procedure is very safe way. In online many guides are there but there is one problem is that using those guide that is providing personal data. In below steps we don’t need to provide any personal information to them like email,name and Credit card details etc..

Note: Before following this process make sure you pairing device and you kodi using device should be connected to the same WiFi network and if you are using VPN then turn on your VPN in both devices and follow the below steps.

1). When We open fantastic addon and choosing any movie from the list we get the pop up like below.

http:// vshare. eu/pair

2). Well, to fix this we need to open any browser on your device like PC, laptop or even mobile phone.

vshare error kodi

3). Once you opened the http://vshare. eu/pair in your browser we will get Screen like above image.

4). Now we need to Click on “I’m Not A Robot” And Fix the Captcha And wait for green Tik On that white box.

Vshare eu pair

5). Once you got Green Tick On the box. You just need to click on “Active Streaming”.

Vshare eu pair

6). Then you will get Message on the screen like “your device paired successfully”

7). Now get back to Kodi device and try now. Boom! 🙂 that pop up will no longer come on your Kodi device.

If you got that error again even after done this process, then you need to do one more thing which is explained below.

Note: Some people are saying there are asking credit card details?. guys don’t provide any personal information to them. It causes to ads on their website, so before going to pair the IP with we must activate adblocker on our paring device. After that, we can pair our device with very easily and if you can fix flashx pair also like this they you can do by reading this article.

Fix http://vshare. eu/pair Error Within Kodi (Hosters With Captchas)

Yes! we can also fix this on our Kodi device and this is very simple to do. let’s begin the process.

  1. “Open your Kodi Device” By clicking on Kodi logo.
  2. Then Go to “Addons” and Choose “Video addon”
  3. “Open any addon” And then Click on the “Settings”
  4. Now select “Playback” and “Turn off” “Hosters with Captions”
  5. “Done” That error will no longer available in your Kodi application

These are mostly working uniqe ways to fix http://vshare. eu/pair error and these process do not take too much time to fix the error. This paring process again we need to do after 4 hours because this is valid only 4 hours. We can watch 2 movies in this four hours, I think that is enough time.

To pair again http://vshare. eu/pair just repeat the above process and you will get more 4 hours. If your using PC or Laptop then use adblocker extension before visit http://vshare. eu/ site. Because that loaded with a lot of ads. If you’re using mobile then you no need to do install that adblocker extension you can same method for openload co pair error as well because there all are same issues.

Fix http://vshare. eu/pair Error Within Kodi ( URL Resolver )

If you are feeling irritate while getting some issues like wrong url or dead url’s then you should use the url resolver to fix, the steps have given below.

  • Chose “Settings” from the “Kodi Home Screen”
  • Then hit on “System Settings” > You have to change the “Settings Mode” to “Expert Mode”
  • Click on “Manage Dependencies” (It can be found under “Addons” option)
  • Here you should click on “URL Resolver” > Then chose “Configure”
  • Select “Vshare eu” to “Disable It” from the various hosters

Now you can pair your device with the vshare eu pair server from by using the above stream authorization method after configuring the URL resolver.

Fix With Real Debrid (Paid)

First you have to buy any plan from Real Debrid website then you will get the details to use Real Debrid service. Once you got the details you just need to connect your Real Debrid account to kodi. Real Debrid helps to avoid Stream authorization pop ups and also avoid dead urls and provide only working urls to the users.

How Do We Fix https:// Vshare eu Pair On Firestick

To use the vshare pair on firestick you need to follow the below easy and simple to follow on every kodi version. So just use the below simple steps and get your favorite videos on your fire stick tv.

  1. Enter “https://vshare. eu/pair” in a new tab on any of your device after connected with the fire tv stick
  2. Get the “IP Address” to pair with Vshare
  3. You have to solve some “Captcha” like “Iam Not A Robot”
  4. Then select “Pair”
  5. Then after few seconds You will get “Your Device Paired Successfully”

This is the best procedure and easy to follow procedure on your firestick tv kodi.

Precaution:You must had checked whether your device and vshare pair has connected to the same wifi connection or not, if not convert them to the same wifi connection before you will be pairing.

This also like olpair and error. We just need to pair our device with their website. They never ask any persnol information while doing this Vshare eu pair. If they ask don’t give any details. This cause to ads so we must need to install adblocker before doing this pair on our device.

Is Vshare Eu Pair Safe Or Not ? How To Fix It, If It Is Not ?

Mostly, vshare eu pair is unsafe to use ! why because every kodi user is trying to watch videos which are highly copyrighted content, so we can’t use those contents in some regions. If we use them they will track our device and they will follow as per their rules to block our device.

But if you use a best Virtual Private Network (VPN) we can control some infringements as per their privacy policy terms and conditions, here we recommend to use Hoxx VPN, IP Vanish, Express VPN with these VPN’s we can change our device IP address as per the region where we are.

Vshare Eu pair Not Working

Actually, the vshare pair not working issue will occur with the many reasons, if you get any not working issue instead of the below aspects you must have to try the above mentioned three methods. Now we are giving the some common issues which every vshare pair user frequently gets.

  1. Get Rid Of Automatically Opening Windows: We must have to use the Ad Blocker if we don’t want to get unwanted windows open. Then the site ads will be blocked.
  2. Page Not Found: You might be entered the wrong URL address, While you were entering the vshare pair address on your device which you connected the vshare.
  3. This Site Can’t Be Reached: You must have to check your internet connection and restart your wifi router.
  4. Website Has Blocked: To avoid this error you must have to use the Virtual Private Network (VPN). There some  server which are gicing the offers such as HOXX VPN, IP VANISH VPN, Express VPN. So These servers will help you to hide your device’s IP addresses.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Vshare Eu Pair

  • What Are The Best VPN’s For Vshare Eu Pair ?

There are so many VPN’s in the internet marketing, but we mainly use the below recommonded VPN’s you can try them too.

  1. Hoxx VPN
  2. Nord VPN
  3. Express VPN
  4. IP Vanish
  • How To pair Firestick and Vshare Pair Apart From Using Any Third Party Device ?

Of course! you can use, but you should install the “Silk Browser” from the amazon store after that use the above method which is mentioned for firestick users.

  • Is There Any Paid Service To Get Rid Of Vshare Pair Error On Kodi ?

You can use Real Debrid, it is best option to use!

  • Is There Any VPN Server To Use Freely?

Hoxx and Hammer VPN’s are Free To Use.


From this best blog post, you have received so much information and we hope this article helped you a lot, if you feel this article was helped you then leave your feedback in the below comment section.

You can even ask any types of queries of this vshare pair and you will get the solution for that query with in minutes according to your query.