So many Kodi users are facing this serious issue nowadays, yes we are talking about not working. And because of this error users are getting irritated and frustrated as well. So what is the solution to this problem and why we get error again and again? Today in this article we will be talking about this error and of course, we will share the working methods to solve this problem permanently.

Why Not Working In My Kodi

If we are getting this error again and again and if you facing flashx pair not working issue for a long time. Then you might be thinking that doesn’t want to let you use their services. Because it is repeating. But the truth is just the opposite. It is happening to you because of various reason which you can solve easily.

Https:// administrator may change their URL due to heavy traffic or any other web problem. Also, they might go for the permanent 301 redirections of their URL you can learn more about keep your device safe from flashx tv pair and follow the tips to keep your device secure. So, if they changed their URL or if they redirected to another URL then you cannot open that address. You should search for the recent working URL address. So, you should be updated with the latest updates and changes in the URL or webpages.

How To Disable  Https:// Usinng Captcha Hosters Option In kodi

To avoid Captha and hosters to use Flashx services, you should move on with some really easy and normal settings in your device and you will able to disable the captcha hosters. Because sometimes captcha creates so many issues, sometimes it cannot connect to reCaptcha and you should try again and again.

So, here below we are going to talk about some of the settings which you should change in your device and you will be able to disable captcha hosters.

  • Just go to your device setting and look for the any of your add-on this is the first step you need to follow.
    • Now simply open that perticular add-on and there you will see some more options.
    • After that, it will open the Setting” menu at the front of you.
    • Now select the “Providers setting”.
    • Here you will see the option for “hosters with captcha” choice.
    • All you need to “disable it” from the option.

Main Reasons To Or Not Working? –

First, you should make sure that you are pairing on the same working network that you are using for online streaming here the article for firestick on kodi. Rest of this, the local WiFi network also can be the reason for this problem. One more thing that you need to take care of, Https:// streaming device and the web browser both must be running on the same working internet connection. These are the things you should take care of and you will get the permission for the next 4 hours of nonstop streaming.