Its been many years while using the kodi with different add-ons. From that add-ons list, we frequently used fantastic and other popular addons to watch our favourite videos. It is fine till now but in most of the times that mean in the middle of the watching our favourite video, I think you may find some list which had servers. From that servers list, you can see the https:// pair. This will stream all your favourite videos and other movies with free and no interruptions. Most of the users are annoying with the sudden crashes and other disturbance ads when they were watching their favourite videos. To solve pair problems we have to follow the following instructions.

This process can work in any streaming sites like , pair , and many more. What we need to do is just open the url and follow below guide to fix that error. We provide two best ways to fix these vev io pair , pair and   errors.

[su_button url=”” style=”flat”]To watch server videos, We should pair our device with this website called For more read below step by step guide[/su_button] Steaming Authorization Fixing Steps

As we discussed above. Probably you must have seen some interruptions in even we are using the pair. Actually why it is happening, cant we solve this problem? Of course, we can solve this problem within few seconds. Do you know this? If not just follow the given suggestions.

[su_spoiler title=”1).Try to wacth any Movie” style=”fancy”]When you watching your favourite video on your kodi through the add-on(exodus) you will find a pop up if you click on that you will be getting different servers after few seconds[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”2) Server” style=”fancy”]Now your add-on will provide different servers including the video server. You have to chose that server[/su_spoiler]

tvad .me/pair

[su_spoiler title=”3).You Can see Streaming Athorization Need?” style=”fancy”]If you select the above-mentioned server you will get stream authorization needed pop up will arise.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”4).Open this Link ” style=”fancy”]You need to visit to authorize your device with the same network[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”5).Select Pair Option” open=”yes” style=”fancy”][/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”6).Click on Captcha option to pair your device ” style=”fancy”] [or] https:// to get your connection IP and for a captcha[/su_spoiler]

https:// Tv ad me pair

[su_spoiler title=”7).Solve Captcha ” style=”fancy”]You should solve the given captcha[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”8).Select Activate Steaming ” style=”fancy”]Now select activate the streaming option. This should be done after solving the captcha[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”9).Done ” style=”fancy”]Finally, you will get a message in green colour it says your IP address was authenticated up to four hours.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”10).Enjoy 4 Hours Without any problem ” style=”fancy”]Now go to your kodi and there you can stream your video up to four hours[/su_spoiler]

We hope now you can understand the not working Issue and about its solving procedure. I am sure if you follow the above procedure as it is you never return to this issue.

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Alternate Method For Fixing pair And pair Error With Add-on

If you are not satisfied with the above method you can choose an alternate method for it. You no need to go anywhere to find the alternate method we are giving the simple solution from the below lines. So use them.

  1. In the beginning step, you have to do is open your kodi
  2. Then go to Video add-ons there click on exodus
  3. From exodus select settings option
  4. Now the new window will open
  5. In the left column, you can see playback option
  6. Select the playback option
  7. Now Hosters with captchas appears to you
  8. You should turn it off and press on Ok

These are the steps which are included in the second method. Now you can solve pair issues. From these two methods, you use any of it. These solutions will help you in preventing all interruptions.

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This not working error come due to you VPN. So, before going to do this pair must turn off yor vpn on your kodi. Because we need to pair our original IP To their website.

If still not working par then check your internet connection or Open on any other Browser.

 What Is or Stream Authorization

Just imagine what I am going to say now. When you are watching a movie on your kodi using different add-ons for example exodus. At that time you will get many interruptions and some other ads which are irrelevant to the video. Why is it happening? Have you ever think about this?  If not just follow me.

Actually, This interruption is occurring due to the majority of kodi users. The kodi users have been increasing rapidly every year. The kodi add-ons unable to sustain this burden. To avoid this problem the kodi developers have been introduced the innovative and well-developed stream authorization.

When you try to watch movies on your kodi the stream authorization required message will appear to you on your kodi screen. At that, it will help you to pair your device with the and vidup me pair. I think you have seen about the pairing procedure to your device with in the above lines. So this is the procedure and this is the contribution of stream authorization.

Why Should We Use Stream Authorization?

The stream authorization is mandatory to stream your favourite videos on your kodi without having any interruptions. It will deliver all your desired videos with quality and with free of cost. Once let me explain in brief.

When you are using a server which has a limited capability to deliver various videos. At that time you won’t allowed to watch your favourite videos. So we are recommending to use stream authorization. To get rid of the stream authorization needed you have to pair your device IP address with the IP address. Already we have given all related information about the working procedure of the pair & pair in the above of this paragraph. So go there and get a solution for your queries.

Is the  vidup me pair Safe Or Not?

No! it is unsafe to use. If you ask me why is it not safe for use? I would say the simple reason is copyrighted videos. Yes! Many kodi users are watching their favourite videos through different add-ons. But they might not know about the copyright issues. Actually, every video which was delivered by the kodi add-ons. They must have copyrights.

In some regions, it is illegal to watch them. When you watching a video which had copyrights issues. The region and the video developers will track your device IP address and they will block all your personal and other information. We are not afraid you. It is very true. To avoid this problem you have to read the below lines. It will give some relief to you.

But how can we get rid of this problem, Yes that is the main thing you have to think. Don’t worry every problem has a solution. For this question, we always recommend you use VPN service. From this VPN service, it is better to select IPVanish. This will protect you from tracking your IP address from the unknown persons.


We hope you got all the information about the pair, stream authorization and how to fix it to your add-ons. We mentioned some questions and we only have given all the answers to that questions. If you once read this article from the beginning to end you will get all the information about pair. So read this article and solve all your doubts with our explanations. Still, if you have any queries about the vidup me pair you ask us for the following comment box. We will respond to your question after we getting the perfect answer.