Hello Guys!!! If you are in search of getting relevant information for icefilms kodi like how to install, its benefits , demerits etc then you are at the correct place. Our this guide will be a reliable source for all of you to get any kind of information for icefilms kodi. We find out the latest status of this add-on from our some of the sources and provide the most valuable information that you must need to know before and after installation process.

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Before Installation of Icefilms kodi users must install a good VPN . The users of kodi does live streaming through the third party add-ons . The Unofficial kodi add-on users may receive notifications of copyright issues from their ISPs. Its not always remains, that’s an error occur due to users online streaming of media content. To secure the online streaming and browsing you must use a good VPN Service. Which will protect your IP to be disclosed  and mask your identity from your ISP and others.

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icefilms addon

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How to Install Icefilms Addon on Kodi:-

The Icefilms is an very popular and best addon . The Installation of Icefilms kodi is very easy. Normally there are three ways to install the Icefilms Kodi which are as follows:

Method 1: Direct Method

The easiest method of installing Kodi Icefilms is download it and then install the add-on plugin.

  • Firstly install the zip file of plugin.
  • Open Kodi application in your device.
  • Scroll down the home screen and choose Addons.
  • From the right corner , Tap on My Addons under categories
  • Press on ellipses (…) on the top.
  • Now select and Hit on Install from Zip File.
  • Find out the location or path where you saved the file (plugin.video.icefilms-1.99.02.zip)
  • Now click on it to Install.
  • Now Icefilms is installed in Kodi.
  • You can find it through Addons-> Video Addons -> Icefilms.

Method 2: Indigo Repository

If you guys have Indigo Repository then you can easily download the kodi icefilms addon fastly from it.  To find the icefilms kodi through the Indigo Repository follow the below given step by step instructions:-

  • Initially go through addons and select Programs.
  • Now tap on Indigo.
  • Press on Addon Installer
  • Now go through search by Addon/Author
  • Here you have to write/type Icefilms.
  • Then choose and tap on Icefilms folder.
  • Click on the particular link to install Icefilms.
  • Now you can find your ICefilms Kodi Addon among your all other video addons.

Method 3:-Super Repo Repository

If you have already installed Super Repo kodi Repository then you may easily download the icefilms addon from there also.

  • Scroll down to Addons and then select the My Addons option.
  • Now Hit on the ellipses (…) at the top.
  • Then Click on Install From Repository.
  • Press on SuperRepo.
  • Scroll Down & Hit on Video Addons.
  • Find out the Icefilms addon from the available list of addons.
  • Select the icefilms kodi addon and then hit on Install.
  • Now you can enjoy the Kodi Icefilms among your video addons.

Pros and Cons of Icefilms Kodi Addon:-

  • The Kodi Icefilms addon is designed to connect with the web and get the desired media content from a single site as Icefilms.info. The Icefilms is not an normal Addon. You can also see this with numerous other Kodi Addons like as Movies4k and Solar Movie etc. There is an problem with the icefilms that is it goes blocked or some of the web source is gone down. Then Addon does not fetch any data from it. After the situation is end and the addon itself started working you cant gain any content without reconnecting it.
  • The Icefilms kodi can be loaded easily. You can use all its folder through the Icefilms. You can also browse content from those folders. The Actual problem will occur when you will try to find any content.
  • The Reddit Page of Icefilms is active some months ago. The last post was made on the subreddit was some time ago that was from a user that claims on the website was down in Germany. If you searching for some posts then you can see some slow decline for the website.’
  • Now the Site displays to have a pretty solid source for movies and TV Shows when it was up and runs only for half year ago. The Icefilms Kodi Addon have an extremely good structure.  The Menu options that is easy to see , and the addon has best , focused approach for avoiding the users to feel overwhelmed.

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Icefilms Alternatives:-

There are a massive number of Kodi Addons that have the similar functionality as Icefilms and also have more content then icefilms kodi addons. Here are a list of addons that are alternative to Icefilms and highly recommend

  • Exodus
  • Specto
  • Stream All The Sources (SALTS)
  • iPlayer WWW (BBC iplayer addon)
  • Bob
  • also kodi for roku

These are the add-ons which provide similar types of better content than icefilms. If you are fond of watching live TV Shows or series then we recommend you the following addons. Similar to this a great number of add-ons are also available on kodi  for live streaming.

  • Sylvr
  • cCloudTV
  • Goodfellas 2.0
  • Made in Canada IPTV

Eldorado Icefilms:

Eldorado is an developer repository for an popular kodi addon which is known as Icefilms. Eldorado also develop url resolver script. The Eldorado Repository is also known as Icefilm Repository.

Eldorado Updated Icefilms Kodi Addon:

The Kodi Icefilms has been updated to v1.99.10 through Eldorado.

  • Download Fixed Meta Pack. The pack will fill up the icefilms metadata as much as possible to kept the addon faster and also for limit the footprints while hitting the TMDB for getting information.

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  • This will also help in the countries where the icefilms is blocked. Eldorado add some settings to use their own proxy. The Icefilms then around for some time. The Icefilms is an reliable Add-on for Kodi and also it is a great source of streaming movies and TV Shows.

It also has some issues yet that need to be resolved which are as follows:

  • Fix Downloads & Folder Structure
  • Add New Categories’
  • Fix Searching
  • Add New Graphics refresh to Addon.

The Ice Films is an latest updated Video Add-on for Kodi. The Kodi users have a great number of video add-ons in their kodi application, but after that they are in search of new video addons. The Icefilms allows you to watch TV Shows, Movies , Series, stand up comedy and many more. It will also provide the features like Search, Watched, Url resolver settings, help & search etc. Within the addon.

Before installing the Icefilms make sure to have the checked Unknown Source Box. The Kodi 17 has the requirement to allow the unknown sources for installation of third party addons.

The Kodi addons are distributed in two types. One is official kodi addon and the another one is unofficial or third party kodi addon. Which is not developed by the official team of kodi comes under third party addons. Thus the Icefilms Kodi is also an unofficial third party Kodi Addon.