Sportsdevil Another one of the most popular Kodi Add-ons and older one which are working on the present time. The sports devil Kodi Add-on  is available at unofficial sports devil repository located in the Fusion. If you guys have Fusion than you are only a few steps away from installing the Sports devil Kodi Addon. As its name indicate this Kodi add-on is also used for  getting links to live sports events. The New updated version comes with such changes that makes it awesome and if you are fond of watching live sports then you will surely like this kodi add-on. The Latest version of sports devil came out by fixing some broken sites within the add-on. Make Sure to delete the old sports devil Add-on from your device before installing the latest version.

Latest Version of SportsDevil Kodi Install Guide (Manual Zip Method)

  • Primarily Download the latest updated version of Sportsdevil by clicking on the download link and save on the location from where you can access the add-on easily from the Kodi Device.
  • Now open Kodi.
  • Click on System.
  • Select Add-ons and
  • Choose Install From Zip File.
  • Now select the location where you save the downloaded sportdevil Kodi Add-on and then choose plugin.

Kodi 17.0/17.1 Krypton Install Guide:-

  • Initially start with Home Screen then Add-ons and then click on Setting Tab. Here you find the option to enable add-on sources.
  • Navigate again to the home screen and then settings option. Go to File Manager and click on Add-Sources.
  • Type “ “ in the above-given text box and type Fusion in the bottom text box.
  • Again You have to go back to Home Screen. Then Add-ons and click on Add-on Browser.
  • Now click on Install From Zip File then choose Fusion and then select English and then click on
  • Now you have to wait for Add-on Enabled Notification.
  • Now Select the option of Install From Repository then Select Kodil Repository and then Choose the option as Video Add-ons.
  • Select Sports Devil and Then Click on Install.
  • Now, wait till you get the add-on enable notification.
  • The Sportsdevil Kodi is successfully Installed and ready for use.

The Add-on is available at the location Home Screen- Add-ons- SportsDevil.

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How To Install Sports Devil On Kodi 16 Jarvis

Till now we have learned the steps to install the sports devil on Kodi krypton 17 and now we are going to install the sports devil on Kodi 16 Jarvis.

It has nothing special steps to get the sports devil on Kodi Jarvis, you can follow the same procedure as we mentioned for Kodi krypton. Hope you understand my suggestion.

Anyhow I want to share the steps again to install this addon for your Kodi Jarvis 16

  • As usual, you have to launch your “Kodi”
  • Now click on “System”
  • Now chose “File Manager” and then chose “Add Source”
  • Click on “None” to enter the URL in it
  • The URL is “” and clicks on “Done”
  • “Enter a Name For This Media Source” would appear to you, in that you have to enter “Kodil Repo” and select “OK”
  • Again come back to the “Kodi home Screen” and there you have to select “System”
  • Now chose “Addons” and chose “Install from Zip File”
  • Select “Kodil repo” and click on “”
  • After few seconds you will get a notification so just wait for it
  • Now chose “Install From Repository” and there you have to select “ Kodil repository”
  • Select “Video Addons”
  • Find and click “Sports Devil” and on “Install”
  • After few seconds you will get “Addon Enabled Notification”

How To Get The Sports Devil For Fire Stick

Before we are going to install the Sports Devil on firestick, you must confirm that your fire stick has the Kodi Software or not. If your firestick doesn’t have the Kodi you must install that immediately from the official site of the KODI.

After getting the Kodi software to your firestick, you need to follow the below steps.

  1. Run “Kodi Software” on your firestick
  2. Now chose “Settings” Icon and then click on the “System” to open it
  3. Then chose “Developer Option”
  4. Now here you have to enable Apps from two different ways such as “Unknown Sources” and also  “ADB Debugging”
  5. Chose “File Manager” and then select “Add Source” by double tap on it
  6. Select “None” and in that none option you have to enter this URL “” and then select “OK”
  7. To remember this folder you have to name it as “Kodil Repo”
  8. Now select “Open Box Icon” from the “Addons” menu
  9. Now chose “Install From Zip File”> Click on “Kodil Repo”> Now chose “”
  10. After few seconds a notification will appear, you have to wait for it
  11. Now select “Install From Repository”
  12. From there you have to select “” or the “Kodil repository”
  13. Here you have to open “Video Addons”> There you have to chose “Sports Devil”> Select “Kodil Repository” and then click on “Install”
  14. Wait for notification which will say as “Repository Has Installed”

That’s it you can stream all your favorite sports by using the sports devil addon on your firestick. If you find this article is helpful just give your review about it.


Install Unofficial Sportsdevil Through Repository:-

The benefit behind the installation of unofficial Sportsdevil through a repository is that, Repository can auto updated the SD add-ons as the latest versions are updated for you.  This feature of installation method saves your time for manually check the latest updates. On the other side the Installation may takes long time then installation of add-on directly because firstly you need to install the repo then Add-on. Many Kodi users agree with the benefits of using this method.

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For Installation of Sports Devil unofficial Add-on through a repository, you need to use Add-on Installer by TV add-ons. If you don’t have Add-on Installer then you need to follow the below given instructions to get the Addon Installer.

  • Go to Programs and select Addon Installer then click on Repository.
  • Choose Unofficial Sports Devil Repository and then click on the repository
  • Inside this, you will again see the Unofficial Sportsdevil Repository. If you click this time on the unofficial repository then you will be prompted for installation.
  • Navigate back to Home Screen of Kodi and click on System then Add-ons and select the option of Install From Repository.
  • Now Select the Unofficial Repository and go to video Add-ons and click on Install.

Now the Sportsdevil and its repository both are installed successfully. You can access it from your Kodi device any time and watch the live events in High definition. Now you can watch your desired sports events live on your TV with the help of your Kodi Device and Sportsdevil Add-on.

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The Hubbbab recently update the version of sports devil and it was revealed from 1st March. Sport devil Kodi Extension is free provider of live sports which is totally free of cost and includes NFL on Kodi. Sports devil has several features which are as follows:

  • You can watch any live channel sports event that on air on the daily basis as well as UFC, Boxing and wrestling PPV etc.
  • Every Single NFL game which includes NFL Redzone , and you can also watch NFL on Kodi for all the seasons.
  • All Premier English League Soccer/ UK Football streams in several qualities.
  • Many More Basketball, Hockey and Baseball games.

Sports Devil Kodi Not Working- Solved:-

Failed To Install Sports Devil Kodi Addon

Mostly the sports devil Kodi addon or any other remaining Kodi addons will get this issue only because of the fault of the repository. So make sure that you have entered the perfect URL address or not. Check the URL and Get this addon for all live sports.

Web Request Failed Of Sports Devil Kodi

This issue means itself the Kodi has failed for reading the script or video content format of that particular stream. To fix this error permanently you have to enable RTMP in Kodi and the steps are as follows

  • Select “Addons” Menu> Chose “My Addons”> Now open the “VideoPlayer InputStream”
  • Now chose “RTMP input” and finally select “Enable”

Sports Devil Kodi Error Check log

This means your cache is full. If your cache is full then you have to clear your cache that means there was a lot of dead links you must be clear all of them and then you can follow the additional steps to solve your issue otherwise you can’t do anything. So clear your cache and do whatever you want to do.

Sportsdevil has a large number of links that are very reliable and quality range of 480p to 720p.

The Sports Devil Kodi Add-on offers a large collection of links to videos and streams that brings sports to your HTPC from the Kodi device in an well mannered way. The Manner of streaming will be mostly depend on the site that you choose through the menu. Not all the websites are categorized by sports and events. Some of them are only included as the collection of streams with good names with a particular icon that refers to a old website. However the Kodi Add-on Sports devil is a great option if you want to watch sports events live. Because Sportsdevil have many sources for stream that any of the sports event surely have within it. Keeping a little bit of patience you get the desired sports event and show.


If you have an HTPC and also fond of watching sports events or simply you want to watch the NFL on Kodi, NBA, Soccer Matches and many other sports event. Then for all these things we have a best add-on of Kodi which is sportsdevil that has sizable compilation of sources and links to watch numerous sports events across all the disciplines. Sports Devil Kodi add-on get higher ranking among all the best sports Kodi add-ons. There are many sports Kodi add-ons that you installed as well and after

There are many sports Kodi add-ons that you installed as well and after that if you want to increase the limit of your entertainment options with various movies and TV shows then you might love to install Sportsdevil Kodi. Before installing Sportsdevil make sure to have installed unofficial repo and you have the latest updated version. Don’t allow the sportsdevil kodi to install from any other repo because if you allow sportsdevil to run through any other repo it will creates problems also for other add-ons.

We use virtual private network (VPN) for streaming the content from UK or US and from event with prevention of tracking the actual location. Although Sports devil now supports Plexus. As we all know the Plexus/Acestream is peer to peer so we need to careful to use Plexus. So we need to prefer Virtual Private Network (VPN) instead of using Plexus.

If you like to install the Unofficial repo which will save your time for installing the zip file each time whenever it will be released.

For official repo you need to have fusion directory, Most of the Kodi users will already have the  installed repo but if you don’t have the repository then you need to follow our below given steps to add the repository quickly.

How to Use SportsDevil Kodi?

The Access of Sportsdevil Add-on is very easy for all of you. First Navigate on Videos and Select the Video Add-ons or you can also choose the shortcut of Sportsdevil displayed. There you will find that it is waiting for getting explore its various channels and streamed sports events.

Trouble Shooting of Sportsdevil Kodi Add-on Issues:-

Still some persons are confused about such things. So for providing the answers of their problems we are here with some of the issues regarding Sportsdevil Download.

  • It is compatible with all platforms of Kodi whether it is Mac, Windows, Linux or Raspberry Pie etc. However on some of the platforms a web browser or a file manager is not available or you have to access it directly for Then you have to be creative for how to use zip file. You can also use a USB Stick for help.
  • If you have already downloaded the herein file then all you will see three folders in Kodi. That means the zip file was extracted either by the browser or some another program. To avoid this type of issues simply you have to use Zip Program, Like as Peazip to compress the files again into an Zip file. The another one solution of this issue is to try to download the file by right click and select “Save as”.
  • The latest Version of the Sportsdevil Kodi addon from IWF1 is available to download and if you guys facing troubles with some of the streams that takes long time to work. Then you have to check about the updates and make sure your are using the current version of Sportsdevil Add-on.
  • In some cases it is difficult to download or update the Kodi Sportsdevil by the Kodi’s Caching mechanism. The Simplest and best method to avoid or resolve these types of problems is to uninstall the Sportsdevil and also delete the repository you have downloaded with the add-on. Then Restart the Kodi and reinstall all the things again.


Kodi is a streaming media software which is registered trademark of XBMC Foundation. There is no way to affiliate with Kodi and also we are not connected with the team kodi or the XBMC Foundation.  If you are using Kodi and also thinking about the legality to download the program or installation of Kodi add-ons and streaming of media content that you want.

However legality of Kodi add-on is a great issue because it varies from country to country. There are numerous Kodi Add-ons from which you can’t go wrong. For the new users of Kodi everything you get in the official Kodi repository is legal streaming add-ons.

Any media streaming Kodi Add-on from the official repo is also legal add-ons. There are some add-ons also available outside the repository but you should need to be careful while choosing the Add-on from outside of repo.

In our this post we introduce you to the process to install Sports devil Kodi add-on. So before installing Kodi Sports devil, we must need to have installed super repo.

If you don’t have installed Super Repo in your HTPC then we recommend you to go with the process to install super repo on Kodi so you can access not only the Kodi Sports Devil Add-on but also on various other Add-ons that make your HTPC Experience Better like as Phoenix Kodi Add-on or Icefilms Kodi Add-on. Before

Before that, we assume that you are using wireless HTPC keyboard or remote application for your smart Phone like as Yatse or the Kodi XBMS Remote. After installation of Kodi Sports

After installation of Kodi Sports Devil, you can enjoy the content from the comfort of our couch.  In Kodi there are many add-ons are available for Sports similar to Sports Devil with the better and good features. So if you guys want to increase your entertainment more to TV Shows and movies then you might like it use full to have a  look at Sports Devil Kodi at our lists of

So if you guys want to increase your entertainment more to TV Shows and movies then you might like it useful to have a  look on Sports Devil Kodi at our lists of the add-on with our post of Top Kodi Add-ons and Best Kodi Add-ons for Live TV.

If you are a Kodi user with numerous of Live TV Add-on then you just need to take your beer and your friends now to the living room for a great experience of live Sports on Kodi.