Neptune rising is the best and excellent working third-party addon. It delivers the user favourite and other extra videos through the various channels. This addon is the fork to the great add-ons such as covenant and exodus. In nowadays it is giving its service better than the other third party kodi addons.

This addon can be installed from the MRblamo repository. Previously it was installing from the But it is not working now if you have the old repository of Neptune rising then immediately remove that repository from your device and install this new repository to get the updated Neptune rising. In this article, we are providing the installation steps, so just follow them

How To Install Neptune Rising On Kodi Krypton 17.6 & More

  1. First of all, you have to Launch “Kodi Software”
  2. From the “Home Screen,” you have to select the “Settings” option
  3. Now your screen will deliver “File Manager”, you have to click on that
  4. You need to click on the “Add source” to enter the URL for Neptune rising
  5. Now “None” option would appear
  6. Now you need to enter the URL and the URL is “” then select “OK”
  7. “Enter a name for this media source” would appear to you just select that
  8. Now enter a name as “Blamo” and select “OK”
  9. Up to here, you have completed the first stage of “Installation procedure”
  10. Now you have to go back to the “Kodi Home Screen”
  11. Click on “Addons”> Click on the “Package Installer Icon”> Chose “Install From Zip File”> Select your folder “Blamo”>select “”
  12. “Blamo Repository Installed” pop up would appear at top of your screen
  13. Now select “Install From Repository”>Click on “Blamo”> Now select “Video Addons”
  14. Now chose “Neptune Rising”
  15. Click on “Install” option.

These steps all are used to install the Neptune rising on your kodi krypton. If you have the old repository on your device you have to uninstall that old repository and install this new repository for your better experience of the device.

How To Install Neptune Rising On Kodi Jarvis 16

To install this Neptune rising third party kodi addon to your kodi Jarvis, you have to install the repository on your kodi Jarvis. In this article we are giving the procedure and easy to understanding steps to install the repository and then the Neptune rising on your kodi. So let me start the tutorial.

  1. To begin our installation procedure you need to “Launch Your Kodi 16 Jarvis”
  2. Select “System”> Click on “File Manager”
  3. Now click on the “Add Source”
  4. Chose “None”
  5. Now you have to copy and paste this URL “New URL:”
  6. Click on “OK”
  7. To remember that add source folder you have to give a name to that as “Blamo”
  8. Click on “OK”
  9. Again go back to the “Kodi Home Screen”_ click on “System”_Click on “Addons”
  10. Now “Install From Zip file” would appear to you, just click on that option
  11. Tap on your folder “Blamo”
  12. There you will find your searching
  13. Now you need to select “Install From Repository”
  14. Here you need to search for “Blamo Repository” and “Click” on it
  15. Now select “Video Addons”
  16. Choose “Neptune Rising”
  17. Finally, click on “Install”
  18. After few seconds you will get “Addon Successfully Installed” notification

From now onwards your Kodi Jarvis is ready to use this “Neptune Rising third-party addon”. So enjoy its latest features on your Kodi Jarvis.

Now we are going to install this Neptune rising on the third party addon. So follow me and get this addon to your firestick.

How To Install Neptune Rising On Fire Stick

Before we are going to the topic of the installation procedure of Neptune rising on firestick, you must confirm whether your firestick had Kodi software or not. If not then follow our instructions to install the Kodi software on your firestick.

  1. First of “Open Your Fire Stick”
  2. Now click on “Settings”
  3. Chose “Applications”
  4. Then click on Manage Installed Applications
  5. There you will find “Kodi Software”
  6. Just click on it to “Install”
  7. Wait for few seconds to get a “Kodi Installed Notification”
  8. That’s it now your firestick has the Kodi software, now you can install any third party addon to your Kodi firestick.

To install the “Neptune Rising on your firestick kodi” you can follow the same procedure which we have given the steps for kodi Jarvis. So follow them and get the Neptune rising on your firestick.

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Alternatives For Neptune Rising Addon

There are some more alternatives also available for the Neptune rising. If you want to know them, then just come down and know their names. There so many addons which are introduced day after day by the third party developers. So try to understand no addon is permanent to use on any device those have kodi software.

  1. Exodus
  2. Covenant
  3. Poseidon
  4. Oculus
  5. Strictly HD

So these are some more alternative third-party add-ons for every kodi users. These were introduced before the introduction of this Neptune rising by the new repository. So if you want to use them you can also use them.

Sometimes the Neptune rising is not working on the devices which have kodi software. So we have found some issues with their solutions. Let us tell you those issues to you and you can use their solutions if you are getting same issues on your kodi Neptune rising addon.

Neptune Rising Kodi Addon Errors/Issues

we have found two major issues which Neptune rising kodi addon gets thoroughly and interrupting the users frequently. If you have the same problem with your Neptune rising addon then follow our solutions to get rid of them.

Failed To Install A Dependency

Mostly any addon not only Neptune rising but also many addons get this kind of issues like failed to install a dependency. But why it happens means, probably you might have an outdated repository. We have mentioned the updated repository in the installation steps. If you want to get rid of this issue you must check your Repository has updated URL or not.

This is the behind why do we get failed to install a dependency error. So follow the above tips to get your Neptune rising videos back.

Error Of Check Log

This is an error which is also more or less equal to the above-discussed issue. Whenever you are getting this issue on your kodi third-party addon Neptune rising, you must have to check your repository.

When your repository has an outdated version then your Neptune rising would not work perfectly. So try to find an updated repository to install the Neptune rising. In this article, we have provided a perfect repository which is working perfect and giving genuine third-party add-ons. So use this article and get your favorite Neptune rising addon into your firestick Kodi and also for other devices Kodi.

No Stream Available Error On Neptune Rising

It is a search engine and it will search for the streams from the various sources. Sometimes you will get neptune rising no stream available error on the screen of your’s whenever you playing the video. At those times you have to follow the below instructions.

To prevent this error you have to clear the “Addon Cache”. To clear the addon cache you have to follow the below steps.

First of all launch your “Neptune Rising Addon”

Go to “Tools” and click on the “Clear Cache”

Whenever it asks for the “Confirmation” then you have to click on “Yes”

Finally, restart your “Kodi”

That’s it, you can not get any kind of issues which are relating to the “No Stream Available” Error

Buffering Issues On Neptune Rising

Buffering issues on every Kodi software and on Neptune rising. If you are getting this error you must try the “Real Debrid” on the device whatever you use. You can use this for streaming your videos very smoothly even when you want to play them in the 1080p full HD.