URL resolver is a kodi background or a dependency server. It improves the kodi experience for every addon. Probably you would have used a different kind of addons and sometimes they must have given you some troubles or some issues while you were going to use them to watch a video.

If you already have an URL resolver for your kodi addons, you may not get the above-mentioned issues on your kodi addons. But in recent days every kodi and different video addons users must get the updated URL resolver whether they are the old to the URL resolver or new to this URL resolver. Why because it has included updated features and so many interesting factors in it.

So let me tell you what kind of changes it has made in it and how do we install this new URL resolver on your kodi.

How To Install URL Resolver On Kodi Krypton 17.6 or More Than 17

If you once install the URL resolver on your kodi for resolving your favourite addons issues, you may not install it or you may not update it again and again why because it updates itself eventually and it will resolve all the issues of the kodi video add-ons eventually. So let us start our today’s tutorial.

  1. First of all, you have to “Start your Kodi”
  2. Click on the “Settings” which lies on your kodi screen
  3. Now “System Settings” icon would appear you, so just give a click on it
  4. Here you have to click on the “Addons” option
  5. Next “Unknown Sources” option would appear
  6. Just give a hit on it to allow all third party addons (You must turn on it)
  7. So here you can see “Turn On Unknown Sources” option
  8. Now go back to the “Kodi Home Screen”
  9. Select “Settings”> Now choose “File Manager”> Find and select “Add Source” where you must enter the URL
  10. Now “None” option would appear you have to select that
  11. In that none option just copy and paste this URL “http://fusion.tvaddons.co/
  12. To remember this folder you need to give a name for it for example “Fusion or any name”
  13. Now kindly go back to the “Kodi Home Screen”
  14. Then choose “Addons”> Select “Package Installer Icon”> Find “Install From Zip File”> Select a folder “Fusion or a folder what you have given a name for it in previous step”> Select “OK” now
  15. Here you would see the zip of URL resolver which like be “script.module.urlresolver-X.X.XX.zip”
  16. You need to select that updated “URL resolver”
  17. It starts its “installation procedure”
  18. Wait for few seconds to get “Addon Enabled” notification
  19. Then select “Addon” option
  20. Now you have to select your favourite “Video Addon (Indigo)” from your kodi home screen
  21. You will get “Some terms and conditions pop up” just click on the “Accept” option to escape from there
  22. Now you need to select “Addon Installer” to begin it
  23. Chose “Video Addons”
  24. Select any one of your “Favourite Addons” from the “TV addons”
  25. Click on “Install”
  26. Now wait for few seconds to get “Addon Enabled” notification

That’s it, now you have installed this updated URL resolver on your kodi. From now onwards you no need to worry about your kodi addon issues like their URL issues and other some other issues which UR resolver can solve. Simply install this URL resolver on your kodi krypton by using the above steps.

How To Install URL Resolver On Kodi Jarvis 16 & Below

Now we are going to give you a tutorial on how to install or how to get the updated URL resolver for your kodi Jarvis. To enjoy its latest features and its latest advantages you must install it on your kodi. So let me start the tutorial by giving you the installation steps which can easily follow on your kodi Jarvis.

  1. Launch your “Kodi Jarvis”> Select “System”> Choose “File Manager’>find “Add source”
  2. Now “None” option would appear on your kodi Jarvis screen
  3. In that option type this URL “http://fusion.tvaddons.co/“. Then click on “OK”
  4. To remember this source you have to give a name for it
  5. For that, you need to click on the “Give a name for this media source” which lies bottom of your screen
  6. Now enter any name what you can remember “Here we are giving a name as FUSION”
  7. After that select “OK”
  8. Go back to “Kodi Home Screen”> click on “System”> Click on “Settings”>Choose “Addons”> Select ‘Install From Zip file”>Select “Your Folder (Fusion)”
  9. In that folder you can see various options from them you have to select “script.module.urlresolver-X.X.XX.zip”
  10. Select “Install”
  11. After few seconds you will get “Addon Enabled” notification
  12. Now click on “Kodi Addons” and select “Indigo Addon”
  13. To “Download and Install TVaddons Repository” you have to accept the terms and conditions
  14. It not only for the “TV addons Repository” but also for  “Install or Update URL resolver”
  15. Chose “Addon Installer”
  16. Select “Video Addons”
  17. You need to find your “favourite addon”, it is found on tv addons
  18. Now click on “Install”
  19. After few seconds you will see “Addon Enabled Notification” on top of your screen

This is the procedure to install the URL resolver on your kodi Jarvis. It can be used for those who are using Android devices. So don’t worry you can watch your favourite videos on your kodi without getting any interrupting issues.

Newly Included Features Of URL Resolver

Now it is time to know about the latest features of the URL resolver which has included recently. Now I am going to tell you those extraordinary features. You might like them.

  1. You no need to worry about the translation of the video language because the URL resolver can translate any language into your favourite language
  2. All debrid and Real debrid authorizations can be resolved by this URL resolver
  3. You can get this URL resolver from the “http://fusion.tvaddons.co/“
  4. You no need to worry about the wrongly entered URL’s or any other URL’s which are non-relevant to us, Because it will resolve all the issues of URL’s
  5. Sometimes you are failed to “Enter The Captcha” at those times it can resolve that problem and it can verify the captcha

So these are the latest features of the URL resolver and you no need to do any manual work to get rid of any kind of URL issues and some other issues which are solved by the URL resolver. It works background of the kodi and you can be always in the safe zone to escape from the URL issues and some other major issues.

Kodi URL resolver Update Missed

Sometimes most of the users are getting so many interrupting issues which are appearing only because of URL resolver update missed. That means the kodi addon has no updated URL resolver. To get the updated one you have to follow the above-discussed steps. They will let you get the Kodi URL resolver which was updated recently and introduced for those who are getting URL issues. So follow the above-provided steps and there are separate steps for the kodi Jarvis and koi krypton so you can follow whatever is relevant to your kodi software.

Final Words:

This is the brief tutorial of the URL resolver in this article we included all kind of information which users getting doubts  frequently. So use this and enjoy your kodi addons videos.