Hello Guys!!! For the fans of IPTV today we brings the guide for installation of New Kodi IPTV Add-on. All the fans of watching live media content from various countries are surely want to check the Kong TV add-on at least one time. The Kong TV Kodi IPTV Addon will provide you the media content that you might not able to see or get on internet normally. Before get started Keep this in mind that the Kong TV repo is not the part of official Kodi repository. So it will not be supported by the Kodi Team.  However you will be supported by the official development team of this Kodi Add-on.  So if you guys need any kind of help regarding Kong TV kodi then you have to contact the development team. They will surely get in touch for helps you for Kong TV Kodi Addon.

KongTV is the  another one of the fantastic kodi add-ons. It is a new kodi Add-on that is provides you the functionality to watch free IPTV Channels live from across the world on Kodi TV. The Interface of Kong TV Add-on is different from other Kodi Add-ons and it is a beneficial and great add-on in the Kodi to watch the live IPTV.  In the Kong TV Add-on you get various sections like Documentary, Entertainment, Music, Movies , Sports, News and Kids.  As we already know the nature of free addons of IPTV is that these Addons can be drop any time.  Kong TV Is also an free IPTV Add-on so install it and enjoy till it ups and uninstall and get another IPTV addon when it get down.

Its also need to remember that Kong TV is an beta add-on so it creates various issues here & there several times , but these are due to testing it for the large scale.

Kong TV is new add-on and performs similar to the KongKidz addon. It is totally free addon with the features of live TV Channels across the globe. Equivalent to KongKidz the Kong TV is also wrapped in the custom skin, that gives you an antique and Consistent look  and doesn’t matter How the Kodi Setup looks like.

Best IPTV Kodi Addons List

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These are some categories that will you see in the Kong TV Kodi Add-on while using:-

  • Entertainment
  • Documentary
  • Movies
  • News
  • Music
  • Sports
  • Kids

Each of the channel in Kong TV Addon will be linked one or more than one time similar to any other live TV Kodi Add-on. The sources to get the IPTV Kodi Kong TV add-on are available without any cost via internet & nothing will be hosted inside the Kong TV Kodi IPTV Addons.

If you are interested to use the Add-on then install it through the various simple steps available below on this page. Today we here updated the Kodi IPTV Kong TV Addon guide for all of you to introduced with the new technology and know more about it. Some aspirants is now worry about download and installation process of Kodi Kong TV Add-on.

Process To Installation Of  IPTV Kong TV Kodi Add-on :-

The Kong TV Add-on is allowed to install only in Kodi 17 Krypton & 18 Leia. SO the aspirants follow this process of installation only in that versions of kodi  to run and enjoy the new IPTV Kodi Addon.

  • Initially You should need to go through the Main Menu of Devices.
  • Then go to the Setting & then System setting
  • Now click on Add-ons and select Unknown Sources.
  • Press on
  • Now go through the Kodi Menu and Navigate to System.
  • Click on File Manager & Then Add-source
  • In this option you have to select
  • Now exactly paste the web address as “http://devraiden.com/repo “ & hit on Done.
  • Highlight the Underneath box and enter the name for Media Sources such as “Raiden” & then press on
  • Navigate back to home screen.
  • In Kodi 17 Krypton or later: Choose Add-ons Menu and then click on Add-on Browser.
  • In kodi 16 or Earlier:- Go to system and then Add-ons.
  • Now choose the option of Install From Zip File and then click on “ Raiden”
  • kingkong.zip & then wait till the add-on enable notification appears.
  • Now choose Install From Repository, then Select Kingkong Repository.
  • Choose Video Add-ons & then Kong TV and click on
  • Wait now for Add-on Enable Notification.
  • Your Kong TV Addon is successfully installed in Kodi to use.

The Kong TV add-on is offered by IPTV kodi that you may want to check . People always wants to use Kong TV IPTV Addon because of the features and accessibility of offers that it provides.  This is also in best of the kodi IPTV Addons that you like to add in your downloading list.

Because of Kodi is an Open Source application and available easily. There are so many developers that build two many add-ons for Kodi. All those add-ons are partitioned in two major groups. One group is located in the official repository of Kodi and other will be available at outside of Kodi Addon Repository.  The Official Kodi Add-on repository are Official Add-on and the outside Kodi Add-on Repository are unofficial Kodi Add-on. The Kong TV Kodi repository falls in the second group of unofficial kodi repository.

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