Kodi is known as streaming software which has several options that let the users browse the content locally and from the World Wide Web. Kodi Genesis is an open source application, which means it’s free of cost. Kodi is more like an app that lets turns your regular PC, Laptop, Raspberry Pi, and Xbox into a steamer such as an Apple TV by using genesis type of addons.  Since the app is an open source, then you can find lots of add-ons that can increase the productivity of the streaming process.

Kodi is powerful and popular because of the Add-ons, which adds great value to the content and the productivity increases. There are plenty of Add-ons which are available for the Kodi and Genesis stands out as the best among the other Add-ons.

Now that you have noted down that the Kodi Genesis Addon is one of the best Add-ons then let’s jump directly into the Installation.

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kodi genesis addon

How to Install Genesis on Kodi? (Genesis TV)

Nothing is easy, but when you have someone to guide you through the process, then the task becomes a piece of cake. So we are going to help you with the installation, and we will make things easy for you. All you need to do is to follow the step-by-step process, which takes few minutes of your time. Let’s get started.

  1. Genesis is nothing but an add-on for Kodi. In other words, you need to have an existing installed application. Make sure to download the Kodi Genesis and install it on your hardware.
  2. Launch the Kodi and head on to theSystem, then Settings, after that you can clearly locate the option “Add-ons.”
  3. In the “Add-ons”tab you can find the option “Add Source,” and that’s where everything starts. Make sure to click on the Add Source.
  4. Now that you are reaching to the point, where the Add-on is installed. You have to add the source IP link, which leads your Device or Hardware as a USB Stick, Hard drive or a Virtual disk then start the download. You have to enter the “http://fusion.tvaddons.ag” into the “Add Source” and click “DONE.”
  5. Add a name to the Add-on so that you will get confused over it.
  6. So far things have gone smooth, and you have to navigate back to home screen.
  7. how to install genesis on kodi
  8. Now it’s time to navigate to the SYSTEM > Add-on then you have to install from a ZIP file. The file is the one which we have added earlier to the system. Highlight the ZIP file and select it then it will look like “x.x.x.lambda.zip” or “repository.lambda-x.x.zip”.
  9. You have to be patient till the tab shows up saying “Repository Is Added.” This is not the end of the Genesis installation on Kodi process, and you have to go back to the Home Screen and install it manually.
  10. To install it, you have to select an option called “Install from Repository” then look for “Lambda Add-on Repository,” it would take few seconds of you to spot it on the list.
  11. You can see theNext Window, and you should be able to navigate it to the Video add-on and select the Genesis. Highlight the Genesis, and You have to install the Genesis.

At first, it seems more like a task with technical knowledge, but once you manage to install it, then it will become a piece of cake for you to repeat it. Now you should be able to browse through a vast range of content at a free of cost.

Genesis Not Working On Kodi (Kodi Genesis No Stream Available On Kodi)

Not many users are aware of the fact that Kodi is open-source, and it will work for a longer period, but the Add-ons are third-party sources, which requires support from the developers. In the Genesis case, the developer called “lambda” is no longer active and no longer providing support for the Add-on.

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The developer has called it a “QUIT, ” and no longer providing the services of streaming and you are no longer be able to browse stream the content. In simple words, Genesis, as we know, is pretty much dead.

However, many other developers are also in the same boat and know the status about it has come up with different options which you can give it a try. There is no doubt that the other developers have a similar vision as Genesis and you can leverage from it.

So the process is very simple, which also is one of the downsides of the Genesis Streaming. Every host has an API and Coding, and it should work smoothly as long the Host does not make any changes to the Coding or the API. The reason why you are not able to stream from the Genesis because the API & Coding has changed.

There Are Only Two Possible Causes Of Downfall – Kodi Add-ons Genesis

  1. The first contributing factor is that the data is fetched from a web site called “Themoviedb.org” and the source is where all the information, data, media and other data is collected and then viewed on the Kodi app. As we know that the Genesis add-on points at the present site, but the location was changed later on by the site, which has resulted in the non-responsive add-on.
  2. The Kodi is not able to fetch any data from the Genesis Add-on because the location or API has changed from its original path.

The streaming has come to an end because of the API changed from the original path and the Kodi is unable to fetch data from the Genesis but the fact is, Genesis is active and working. Due to the extreme changes to the functions are the reasons behind “No Streaming Available.”

Kodi Genesis Addon Download Replacement (Best Alternat For Genesis)

It is a disappointment which we have to face that the Genesis sources are down, but there is no point in worrying about something that is not possible to fix. However, you can always make an excellent use of replacements. There is no denying that there are many other Add-ons you can try to sort this problem. If one does not work out then what about the other one and the amazing part of it is that alternative is also for free.

There are several options you can go through. When you are starting to look for a solution or an alternative, then several Add-ons can easily confuse you. However, even in the crowd, there are few which cement the legacy, just like the Genesis Add-on.

No matter how many alternative Add-ons are available in the market, you cannot try each and everyone that suits your taste and requirement.

In my opinion, why go somewhere else when you have the Genesis developer ready to offer you an alternative? You are reading the right sentence. The developer has launched an alternative for the Genesis called “Exodus.” Let’s jump into the details so that you can anticipate what you can expect from the latest Add-on.

Exodus: Quick Look

The name of the Add-on came from a Movie called “Exodus: Gods and Kings,” which is an alternative for an add-on called “Genesis” developed by Lambda. The plugin has developed by the same developer, which means there aren’t much of the differences in the old and the newer version. What you can expect from the add-on is that you get to browse and stream the content for free and this is a unique version of the old Add-on.  The latest update added to the Add-on, which allows you to watch a movie in Full-HD quality.

Update to Latest Kodi: Windows PC

If you want to install the Exodus on your PC, then you need to run the latest version of the Kodi, which is necessary for the latest “Exodus” to work on your PC. If you are someone who doesn’t know how to update it, then let’s get started with the upgrade.

New Installation: If you have not installed or update on your PC then you need to reach the site “https://kodi.tv/download/” and select your Windows version installer. After that you need to launch the .exe file then simply follow the wizard.

Update: If you check correctly then you should know the Kodi has not added an automatic update built-in. Go to the Kodi site and download the latest version. The wizard will take over the installation process and update your current installation without losing Data or Settings.

Remember, do not uninstall the latest version, the latest version will install over the previous one, and it saves your data and settings.

How to install Exodus on Kodi: Complete Process

You have to install the latest version of Kodi to proceed, and when you do it, and then you can start with the procedure. If you want to install the software on your PC properly and make the Exodus work correctly then follow my lead. I have already tested on my PC and used it for few hours from my experience.

how to install exodus on kodi

  1. Open Kodi Media player, select Settings (cog icon) and select File Manager. Launch the Kodi and navigate to “Settings” then select the “File Manager.”
  2. Just like the last time you have to add the source for the Exodus. You can use the following address “http://fusion.tvaddons.ag,” who are providing the file.
  3. Remember, make sure to rename the file to avoid any confusion.
  4. Now go back to the Home Screen and navigate to the “Add-ons” option. You need to select the Box Icon and click on “Install from ZIP file” and then navigate to the recently added source. You can easily spot it because you have added a name to it.
  5. It’s time that you select the option called “Code-Reports” and selects the “exodus.x.x.x.x.zip”Click to Install. Your patience will be tested so make sure that you don’t turn off your PC or Re-start, wait until the program says “Exodus is added.”
  6. Now it’s time to install it to use it. Go to the Add-ons menu and again select the icon then install from the Repository. Select the “Exodus repository then Video Add-ons after that look for the exodus file, select it to Install Exodus. Do not worry you don’t have to wait for a longer period. The process will finish within seconds.

Are you ready to use the Exodus? Go back to the main screen and locate the Exodus Icon and you are ready to watch your favorite content.

Sometimes you may have to face few issues like “genesis no stream available,” and the Add-on will fail to install then repeat the process all over again. In case, it doesn’t solve the problem then re-start your PC then repeat the whole procedure and you will be okay.

Exodus Alternatives

I know there are few among you, who would like to try the new Add-on then there are many other developers who have designed different types of Add-on, which can help you Entertain you in many ways. Every Add-on is known for its uniqueness, and it also has many benefits because of the features bundled along with it.

  1. Spector.
  2. Velocity.
  3. Stream All The Sources Beta.
  4. Phoenix.
  5. Movie Hut.
  6. Icefilms.
  7. Much Movies HD.

These are some of the very good alternatives you can use instead of Exodus. However, Exodus is similar to the Genesis, so as the features and it will not let you down. However, if you want to give other Add-ons a try, then there is no harm in trying something new.

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Kodi is free-Source software and it helps people to stream live events and watch free content. There aren’t many restrictions in Kodi or the Exodus, there are several benefits as you can even watch Full HD videos. If you have any issues with the current version of Kodi Genesis Addon or Exodus, then you can comment below, and we will get back to your with a solution.