The Raspberry Pi 3 is the best microcomputers, because it gives an impressive speed with the good value in a small form factor. It is also accomplished and reliable so it will be used for numerous kind of projects such as making a cat feeder to local FM Radio Transmitter. However, You may use Raspberry Pi 3 with Kodi. It is an best streaming software and you can also end up the process with a speedy, dedicated media dongle in a very cheap cost. With the Raspberry Pi , a few open source linux distribution  and cables , you can arrange all your media files together combine and view it on your shiny big flat screen.

The Installation of Raspberry Pi 3 is an easy work but need to have the right and correct working tools. The Raspberry Pi 3 is one of the more useful projects and more enjoyful  too.

The Raspberry Pi 3 easily handle kodi with the best methods. It is the best way to get an cheap Kodi Setup. If you are working with the Pi 2 than the installation process of Raspberry Kodi will be same.

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Normally There are two main ways to install the packages of installing Kodi to Raspi 3 which are:-

  • OSMC
  • OpenELEC

First of all the question is arises that which one method need to be prefer. The OSMC has an installer that makes it easy to work . Instead of this OpenELEC want to have an image writing software. A free image writing software also available to use. So both of the process are free to download and install.

Installing Kodi onto a Raspberry Pi 3:-

If you like to use your Raspberry Pi as a media streaming center then there is a large variety of purpose made Oses to help you in the start. A version of Kodi that is our favorite OSMC  optimized for the Pi.

  1. “OSMC can be downloaded with an installer program” or as an image file”. Downloading as an installer program is a quick and easy way of using it. You may just download the right installer according to what you need to write the SD Card with. For example –  You may need to use the “Windows installer” if you are writing a file in windows.

You guys should visit the to “download” and “install the latest Raspberry Pi”.

  1. Now “Insert an SD-Card” which you want to use for writing, and then “Run the OSMC Installer.
  2. Choose the “Language” that you like to use & Raspberry Pi 2/3 from the drop-down menu.
  3. Now “Select the build version”. Choosing the “latest version is best”.
  4. Choose a “Media file” to “write the package”. Here we are using an “SD-Card” but you may also use “USB Flash Drive”.
  5. Here on the next screen, an option is also available to set up the wireless.
  6. Check the drive for a package that will be written is correct or not and then hit on it.
  7. Accepts the terms and conditions of the agreement by check the box.
  8. Now it will start download the package to install.
  9. The OSMC Kodi package than written to the SD Card.
  10. When its completed the writing of package it says Congratulations, and the SD Card is also ready to installed into the Raspberry Pi.
  11. Insert the particular SD-Card into Raspberry Pi.
  12. Plugged in all its cables. The HDMI goes to a Monitor or TV. A Ethernet cable is also available which gets plugged in from the Internet Router or wifi can also be used for that purpose. A solution for control all the Raspberry PI device is also needed like as any old USB Keyboard and a Mouse.
  13. After connecting all the cables in a right way than plug in the power and it will start the booting process.
  14. Then it will started the Setup and finish the installation process.
  15. Now it will ask some questions to setup such as Skin and Language. For the standard Kodi interface the default confluence skin  or the OSMC skin can be used.
  16. Now the kodi will be installed to your Raspberry Pi , next step is setup add-ons which are necessary for its functionality.

How to Install  Kodi on Raspberry Pi 3 using OpenELEC:-

  1. A pre built image file of kodi is require to written to SD-Card.

Now Download  the OpenELEC Image file here

They Continuously Changing the format of downloaded page, then have a look on Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3 Image File. RasPi 2 makes the work easy on the RasPi 3.

  1. After completion of downloading the image file, it requires to be extracted. The file will be downloaded in the .GZ file format.

A computer that based on windows does not come with the build in way for extracting a .GZ file format. You may need to have WinRAR or similar software to extract this type of files.

You can download the WinRAR file extracter from the link

  1. After doing the file unzipped it is ready to written in the SD-Card.

If you already have an image writing software than use it to write or if not then install a best image writing software before proceeding.

You can also use Win32 Disk Manager for the image writing software from the link

Now insert the SD Card into a SD Card writer slot & open it with the Win32 disk manager or any other image writer software.

Then hit on the folder icon  & point it to the location where the OpenELEC image file was extracted.

Before going further it may be need to confirm that you are using correct drive to write as Win32 Disk Imager will write whatever you set to it.

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After everything is set to the right mode and working correctly  click on the write tab and win32 Disk Imager will start writing the image on SD Card.

  1. Once the image is completed to write the SD- Card can be inserted in the Pi3.
  2. Plug in all the connections to a television with the mouse, keyboard or any other controller.
  3. Initially it starts booting the Ethernet or Wifi that need to setup. Using the Ethernet connection is essential for the crowded wireless environment or far through the router.

Essential Components Requirements:-

Aspirants who would like to install Raspberry Pi must have the following things to install the raspberry pi 3 with the kodi and make it a media center. So you guys must confirmed to have these things before start proceeding.

  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Power Supply
  • HDMI Cable
  • Controller like USB Keyboard and Mouse
  • Micro SD Card 8 GB or more that is compatible with the device.

If you guys already have collected the extra equipments like HDMI Cable, Power Supply and SD Card than you only need to have RasPi 3.

If you don’t have all those components than  you may also use a whole Kit of raspberry .

For Ex- CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3  Complete Starter Kit – 32 GB Edition

A extra equipment is also needed as SD Card writer . If your computer don’t have a Micro SD Card writer than there are also various cheap USB to Micro SD Card writers available for online.

Using Kodi With Raspberry Pi:-

After completion installation process of Raspberry Pi with the Kodi all of you are thinking about how you can use and configure kodi XBMC withe Pi 3. So here we are available for your help. You guys don’t need to worry. You may work similarly with the Kodi media center for play media files, installing add-ons , configuring the system and a lots of more functionalities.

check this:Castaway Kodi

You can play the live streaming movies, TV Shows, Cartoons and many more things and media files with the combination of Kodi and Raspberry Pi 3. The Pi 3 is as easy as any other basic setup hardware device. After connecting it with the kodi you can see a welcome screen which helps you to configure and manage the Kodi Setup and get started.

After completion of the process you may also install various addons in the kodi media center and makes your kodi with Raspberry Pi 3 device to make more fun and enjoyable.

Latest Review Of Raspberry PI 3 For 2020 Users

In this article, we have given almost all the information about the Raspberry PI 3 For all the 2020 users. If once you check this article, definitely you will get the total information of it. This is the review for the Raspberry PI3. So there is no matter to reveal in this review title of the raspberry and also i don’t wan’t to waste your time. just follow the abov discussed lines and get all the information about it.


The Raspberry Pi 3 works good combining with the XBMS or kodi.  Ethernet Networks is good than the built in wifi but it will average and also work fine with streaming movies.

The Raspberry Pi 3 is such an great thing over Raspberry Pi 2 . The Pi 2 also works same with the Kodi but several time it may stop working in between the processes.

For getting more stuff with the kodi you need to add some new repository with Kodi which contains all the latest version of Kodi Addons.

The process to install the kodi addons and repository will be same across all the hardware and with Raspberry Pi.