Now the days kodi become available on a great number of devices and the kodi users are increasing day by day. Kodi is one of the best software for playing media content or we can also call it a Media Player Software. Kodi is a media software available for the fans of videos who like to watch live media streaming content. Kodi provides you the facility to watch media content on your laptop or PC online though the Internet. There are a wide range of add-ons available for Kodi users which provides amazing media content to its users. Now also an huge amount of pretty content available on Kodi. Some famous kodi video add-on already have subtitles capability that’s an amazing feature of Kodi. But some times the situations occur when you want to use subtitles while watching TV Shows or Movie.

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Sometimes the low quality content of audio and video media or foreign language is the reason behind you like to use subtitles. Here we provide you the complete details for how to download and use the kodi subtitles automatically. There are various Kodi Add-ons available for download & play subtitles kodi. We can use to download & play subtitles for kodi.Below  you can find steps for how to add subtitles Kodi easily and process to watch movies and Tv shows on the Subtitles Kodi.

How to Download Kodi Subtitles Using

Follow the steps continuously and you will get the subtitles on Kodi device installed successfully.

  • Initially you guys must need to create an new account on org or you can also use the account if already have.
  • Now you have to Launch Kodi and then go to Settings Menu.
  • Select the option listed as Player Settings.
  • Now Choose the option Language From the Sidebar Menu.
  • Select Preferred Subtitle Language.
  • Scroll down the menu and find out the preferred language.
  • Now click on the option for Default TV show Services and then Hit on Get More.
  • Choose through Opensubtitles and it will install the addons.
  • Repeat the same process for Default Movie Source.
  • Go to the homepage of Kodi.
  • Now Navigate the menu to Add-ons and click on My Add-ons.
  • Scroll down the options and then click on Subtitle folder.
  • Here you will see the opensubtitles . org and click it.
  • Now select out the Configure Option.
  • Here you have to fill up the login details of the account created in the starting step.
  • Click on Ok and go to the home page of Kodi. done 🙂

Now the process is completed to download and install subtitles on Kodi. Subtitle services is installed and working on your Kodi Device. Now whenever you are watching Movies or TV Shows or any type of Video Media Content directly click on subtitles Icon and then download the Kodi subtitles.

Download Kodi Subtitles Addon on  Kodi:-

The kodi already have the capability to automatic download subtitles but some of the time we want more control over subtitles on kodi selection process to get the correct subtitle for our media content like video & media. In our this post we are going to enable automatic subtitles on kodi by using the AutoSubs Services and also through a couple of subtitles add-ons so that you can watch all movies and TV Shows with the subtitles in any of the language. It doesn’t matter in which language you speak, there are numerous range of subtitles available online for all of kodi users. It’s very easy to download and get Best Subtitles For Kodi added to the media content that you are watching on kodi.

There are various different  Best Subtitles for Kodi services to choose from, It depends on the language which you are searching for, some subtitles on kodi work better than other subtitles. You must have to try out various multiple services until you can figure out which kodi subtitles services look suitable for you. contains Best Subtitles for Kodi. This is a free Kodi Add-on that is available within the Kodi device. The Only thing to know is the process how we can download and play the subtitles on kodi by using It has a very broad range of TV Series, Movies and other video content. has its official Kodi add-on and we will use all that add-on. It has a feature of rating of subtitles on kodi so you can select a Best Subtitles for Kodi as per their higher rating and you can also give the rates for the subtitles according to the performance on your device. Below on this page we provide you the step by step guide to install and use subtitles for Kodi using

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Opensubtitles org kodi For Get Subtitles on kodi

In this post you will see how to add subtitles on Kodi and play it through the use of Many time we will try to play movie or tv series through kodi media software and the sound quality was not so good.  Then Adding some of the Kodi subtitles helps you to takes care from these issues and makes the time enjoyable and joyful for watching movies or TV shows. The TV Shows and movie video content are much more enjoyable with the subtitles on Kodi  which are also referred as closed captioning.

There are various time situation comes when someone wants to see subtitles for Kodi within a different language. Once you can learn how to download & play Best Subtitles for Kodi then you can easily solve the audio and language issues by using subtitles. The is a most popular subtitles service and it provides good results when adding subtitles on kodi.

here One more use full Kodi addon:kodi on roku

One of the best feature that also have in is the capability to see the rating of other persons that they give to a certain subtitle for its performance before downloading that particular subtitle. By this feature you can easily decide which kodi subtitle will be best suitable for your device by checking the list of subtitles in the download list.