If you are a kodi user, Then surely you would like to add some of the Video add-ons to watch live streaming media content and also for your other favorite videos. Almost all of the Kodi user must have various video add-ons to watch live TV Shows, Movies, Sports etc. While you open some videos like movies or TV Shows from one of the best kodi add-ons like Exodus then it will give a pop up as “No stream available or stream authorization failed”

If you get that olpair not working pop up like https //vev.lo/pair then you have different methods to solve that issue on your kodi, but we are giving the three best methods to solve stream authorization error and also other not working issues. So why late let’s get started.

Note: Openload.co Changed to Olapir.com. So you can follow same procedure for https://olpair.com and The website which you are trying to validate your device which you are running kodi will change its IP address as per the providers which you are using to pair like https //olpair.com /pair. To fix the Openload Error you must have to follow the below aspects.

The Procedure to Fix https //olpair.com /pair or https://openload.com/pair On Kodi is as follows:

We discussed in the above introduction topic about the https://olpair.com priority. So now we are going to know how to pair our device IP with the openload pair IP. From this steps, we also get priority of stream authorization. Just read the below aspects and know more about it.

Tip# Update: Sign up in olpair.com with your email and give any password. After sign up you no need to pair your device with olpair after every 4 hours. Enjoy kodi.

1). To begin our process you have to open your “Kodi Software”

2). Try to watch a movie from one of your “Kodi Addon”

3). Now a “Pop Up” would come i,e. “Load All The Servers”

4). From the given servers list you need to select “https://olpair.com/”


Note: You must have to check that your kodi device and the olpair server website connected to the same wifi connection or not, You must connect them with the same wifi connection while you’re pairing. Why because both IP addresses should be connected to the same wifi connection.

One More Suggestion: You must be open this https://olpair.com/ website in an incognito or private window why because it delivers some unwanted and bad advertisements.

5). Now you can see an “IP Adress” and also “Activate Streaming” option

6). After getting your IP address you have to click on the “Activate Streaming”

7). Sometimes you have to solve a “Captcha” and “I am Not A Robot” tasks

8). Finally, select “Pair”, It will pair your device IP address with the openload IP address

Main Point: As we all knew the olpair server can be paired with your kodi device IP address for four hours only, but after four hours what you have to do? We have an answer to this “The Virtual Private Network can give you the unlimited time to watch your favourite videos at any region and the best server in it is IP Vanish and this will hide your IP address where ever you use the kodi software and it also have a facility to change your device IP address as per that specific area or country. The IP vanish is available to get at low price with much more discount ever, so be hurry!

From now on wards you will not get any servers list on your kodi addon from the olpair servers. The openload can give its service up to four hours to your kodi addon. After completion of your four hours duration, you have to follow the above process again and if you want to fix https //vshare. eu/pair stream authorization as well then we wrote this article for you.

Usefull Links:

Https://olpair.com Fixing Using Hosters With Captchas

From the hosters with captchas also your kodi addon may get some interruptions. If you want to get rid of those interruptions you have to follow our useful information for your kodi and its videos.

  1. Open your “Kodi”
  2. Try to find a video to watch it through any “Addon”
  3. In that specific addon, you need to select “Settings” option
  4. Now you have to click on the “PlayBack” option
  5. “Hosters With Captchas” option will appear to you just click on that option
  6. If the above option has “Turned On”, You should make it to “Turn Off” position
  7. Finally, click on “OK”

Now the kodi users can become aware of how to turn off the hosters with captchas. If you once turn off the captchas by using the procedure from the above, your kodi addon will not get any interruptions and if you also getting same message when you open flashx server then you can fix flashx.cc/pair without any issues.

Olpair Fixing Using URL Resolver

The URL resolver can resolve all the URL issues. Whenever you enter the wrong URL in your kodi addons. At that kind of times, it helps you a lot. To get its help you have to follow our instructions.

  1. Launch your “Kodi Software”
  2. Now select “Settings” options
  3. From there you have to select “System Settings” option
  4. Now the “Settings Mode” option will appear to you but you have to make it to “Expert Mode” option
  5. It’s time to select “Addons” option after that select “Manage Dependency” option
  6. Here the “URL Resolver” option would appear to you just click on it
  7. Now “Configure” option will come just click on it to get the “Information Page”
  8. From the information page, you will get “Resolvers List” from that list you can select “Olpair”
  9. You should disable that “Olpair Resolver” and select “Confirm”

So to get the better performance from the kodi and from its addons you have to disable the URL resolver. We mentioned all the information with clear guidance to disable the URL resolver. So simply follow them.

How To Fix Olpair.com On Firestick or TV Box?

You don’t need to worry if you are using firestick or any other similar TV box where you find difficulty to visit the openload.co or olpair.com website then the openload pairing can also be done through the other connected device . The Important thing to be notice is that the device is connected to the same IP address with the Firestick TV.

  1. You may use the browser from any PC, Laptop or Smartphone
  2. then visit the https://openload.co/pair or https://olpair.com
  3. Now click on “I am Not a Robot”
  4. After the just click On “Pair”

Once the once olpair stream authorization firestick done successfully. It the stream authorization will don’t show pop ups for the next 4 hours on the Firestick TV. After that if you get the message or pop ups again then repeat the process again.

How Safe https://olpair.com On Kodi

Actually, the olpair is safe to use in some areas but in some restricted areas it doesn’t keep your kodi software in a safe zone. So this is very doubtful query, if you ask me so. Whatever it may be! i recommend you to think it is unsafe to use. Do you know why am saying this?

Actualy, we are pairing our kodi device IP address with the olpair website IP address, so directly or indirectly we are saying them to take our information from our device. isn’t it? So you believe it or not i say it is unsafe to use. But we have to use the best Virtual Private Network to be in a safe zone and the best server to hide our IP address is IP Vanish. It is available in the online market for low price ever and now they are providing a discount also so get it immediately and get your duration expanded from four hours to unlimited.

Frequently Asked Questions Of https://olpair.com Kodi Streaming Authorization & Openload.co/pair

Is there any paid service to get rid of olpair pair error on kodi?

You can use “Real Debrid”

What Are The Free VPN Servers To Best Service?

Hoxx and Hammer

Is Olpair legal ?

Olpair is purely legal and it doesn’t have any drawbacks to download from app store for ios and from playstore for your android devices too.

So simply get the https://olpair.com download by using the different playstore or app store and get the different hastle free pairing methods from the above list.

Latest and Best Olpair 2020 Review Ever

The olpair service and its users has been simultaneously enhancing rapidly as like as the kodi software. So some of those followers of openload we have collected their feelings and openion on the olpair server and how it is working. So, if you want to know about it service then read this.

Benefits Of Openload/ https //olpair.com /pair

  • Every body can watch their favourite videos on their kodi upto four hours from pairing time
  • It is absolutely free to use
  • Once you paired your device IP addess with this olpair website IP address you won’t get any interruptions until you reach four hours duration
  • It is very easy to pair your device with its website IP address

Disadvantages Of Openload / https //olpair.com /pair

It has disadvantage in its service is “It can’t give its service whole day, with this olpair you can stream your favourite videos and any other live streaming videos up to four hours only.

But we have a best solution to get unlimited watch time and automatically changing our device IP address and the solution is to use the “Virtual Private Network” and it is providing the best server called IP Vanish, you can get it with a low cost. You can also use the coupon code to get the best discount”

Some More Information About Olpair Error

one of the most important reasons behind the above pop up message is Monetization. The host encourages you to visit their webpage where they will show you various ads.  That is a solution which is called win-win for the user and openload team or https://olpair.com team. This agreement is done due to keep continuously to the services up and providing the latest updated movies and TV Shows by Stream authorization on your device.

The Openload.co Server  or olpair server provides an outstanding performance to their user which guarantees you for reliable streaming with the fastest speed as compared to all other host servers. The Stream Authorization Process with the https://olpair.com server will only takes a minimum of 15 seconds and it will be remains connected or the openload pairing is stay up to 4 hours at least.

Follow the below available instructions on our this webpage to easily know about the openload pairing with the live experience. For this you have to go through the above given web url in your browser search bar.

  • Click on the check box available beside that saying “I am not a robot” & then tap on “Pair” on the right top corner.
  • Then your selected video will be start to play on the Kodi Device and then you will be able to see the openload links  or olpair links for the next 4 hours on your phone.
  • You may see many more links similar to the openload.com pair links as:
  • You may also bookmark the above links on your phone or other devices to watch the videos to save typing the web address again each time.

Important Points:

Aspirants if you are going to pair openload in a PC Or laptop then make sure to have an best adblocker in your device before starting the process of openload pairing.

You don’t need to worry about any kodi error. You must have to fix this type of kodi error to proceed further for streaming your videos. You can easily fix any time of kodi error relevant to streaming with https:// olpair .com/ server. This kodi error will be resolve in just 2 minutes with a very easy methods.

Whenever you have to pair with the openload server or olpair, but it don’t take any time to do the paring process and you just have to do it once  to get access for atleast 4 hours to openload content without each time pairing.

Of Course you may click cancel and navigate back to other options or move down to the list of hosts, but usually the openload or olpair links are very good.

You can do the openload.com or https:// olpair.com pairing from your phone , as soon as your phone is connected through the internet connection then pairing with your phone means you don’t have to exit the kodi and your movie will be played.

Necessity of Openload Pairing or Olpair ?

To know the detailed information of Openload pairing or olpair.com, first of all you may assume the openload.co as a server for host the movies or tv shows whatever the media content you may need. As everywhere has a great demand for watching TV Series, Movies and many more. If you may open many servers at the same time, then there is a possibility of crashing the server. So to get rid of the crashing problem of servers the stream authorization concept is introduced.

For this you may need to pair you network that is Internet Protocol Address through the use of openload.co/pair which is also known as olpair kodi. Once the process of pairing is completed successfully with your network . You can easily enjoy the live streaming of movies for minimum 4 hours continuously. After the particular time is over you may need to pair it again with the server or required host.

Kodi Openload Pair Details(https //openload.com /pair) or Olpair.com:

Openload has one of the best and longer staying file host in kodi with consistency. Olpair is also very popular for its reliability  & fastest speed among all the similar types of file hosts.

VidUP.me and TheVideo.me Pair Stream Authorization:

Similar to Openload Pairing VidUP.me & TheVideo.me also need to paring for the stream authorization process. The process for Vidup.me or Thevideo.me stream authorization is same as openload pairing stream Authorization.


If you were feeling something haven’t been mentioned in this blog then leave your valuable comment and also let us know which method have worked for you to pair.

Use the Best VPN which we mentioned in the above lines and get rid of any types of legal interruptions while watching your favorite videos.