Good news for Pathfinder Roleplaying game players! before going to reveal the good news just read few words about who me. Well, I am pathfinder game lover like you all and when I got addicted to this game then I started creating pathfinder character sheets like fillable, editable and printable. When I started playing Pathfinder game I struggled for a long time to find the suitable character sheet of Pathfinder and even I don’t know where and how to and get find pathfinder sheets. In this article, you can get all kind of pathfinder character sheet and addition information for Pathfinder RPG.

I personally collected all the below-listed sheets, for collecting and verifying those sheets from the official site, Reddit, groups, forums, Pathfinder RPG books spent days and finally I got succeeded for what I struggled. Earlier I used to share these sheets only to my Pathfinder RPG friends and some Fb groups where I was an active member. Now I am sharing all pathfinder character sheet PDF files officially from my personal collection. Below sheet format in the interactive google doc, google sheets and excel.They are printable, fillable and editable. If you are looking for D&D Character sheet then go with that post.

Pathfinder Character Sheet All Types

Pathfinder character sheet is available in different forms on the internet such as fillable, editable, digital, auto calculating, epizephyrii’s, auto sheet, google doc, spell,neceros e.t.c. Almost I have listed all the sheet in this list if you find any sheet missing below just go with request form and info me. As I have already shared this list in some pathfinder groups in FB, reddit, google plus got massive response from the group members.

Animal Sheet Fillable

Pathfinder Character Sheet 4.2.0 version

Pathfinder character sheet 5.5.0

Editable Fillable Pathfinder Character Sheet 2017

The character sheets that are listed above are created by Pathfinder Roleplaying game experts and they are playing this game for many years.Asi have some friends in them and i follow some of them on internet i got the above list from them and I shared the same sheets with you and now you can save huge time as I am saving my time by using the sheets shared by them.

For creating pathfinder character sheet you need software like YAPCG(Yet another Pathfinder Character Generator), herolab, PCGEN and many.

Pathfinder Character Sheet PDF Files [Verifiled]

Yes! each and every sheet I personally tested by me and listed here, you no need to worry about sheet quality.At my initial days when I started this game, i got the following doubt

Question: How many years are needed to rock this game? This question I asked one Pathfinder game expert I got a shocking reply from him.

Answer: He said, (It’s been around for 10 years and it’s just getting more popular. D&D has been around for like 40 years and is still going strong).Isn’t it shocking  ???

Here I tested and picked a few good pathfinder character sheet PDF documents. You can get it by click on the sheet links below.

Pathfinder Character Sheet 4.2.0 version

Pathfinder character sheet 5.5.0

This two sheet are trending since a long time and most of the users are loving this sheets than the previous sheets. That’s why I listed them separately and shared with you here.These sheets are in Google Doc format and i made them in excel format for my reader’s sake.

Pathfinder Character Sheet Generator (Sites)

There are uncountable pathfinder character generator sites that are available on the internet, but we need to choose the best one that suits for us. For that, I am giving best sites list below.This sites are collected by me Pros like “neceros” and others.


HeroLab From Wolflair: Link


Above 3 sheets are good and we can export generated sheets into PDF files too. These are the sheets used by most people but they expensive. If you are felling expensive then blindly go with the sheets I shared above. If you are playing Pathfinder game from years then I personally suggest these 3 sites. For beginners just use already created sheets don’t go with any Pathfinder character generator software.

Pathfinder Character Sheet Fillable :

Pathfinder character sheet is compatible for both edit & fill. After downloading the form-fillable pathfinder character sheet from the internet you can edit it and fill the available blank fields where you need. It is very easy to fill and edit the character sheet as per your requirement. These Sheets are particularly developed on the requests of gamers and it has the latest version and upgraded features of the sheets.

Editable Fillable Pathfinder Character Sheet 2017

The Pathfinder Character Sheet contains two pages that have fillable fields. If you enter the information in it , you might be able to save it with a new unique name to protect the data. Thus you can create a data records folio with all the characters as per your choice.

Features of Pathfinder Character Generator For Roleplaying Games:-

  • PCGen Is free & performs well on all the Operating Systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Unix.
  • It permits you to generate & maintain multiple characters.
  • Data & Character Files are OS Dependent.
  • PCGen Support D20 based game system including D&D , D20 Modern & Pathfinder.
  • It supports Tons of publishers & their product.
  • PCGen is highly configurable, It allows the user to add or reduce feats, races, classes & house rules like unusual class or race restrictions.
  • It also supports level advancement with the configurable progressions of feats, ability & skills score.
  • PCGen Produces various customized character & party sheets in TEXT, HTML & PDF Formats.

Everything you see in the Pathfinder Character sheet is with a grey background that is a default. The Sheet looks Up Saves, Class Skills, BAB, Amror Properties etc.  The smartest feature of Pathfinder Character Sheet is it can self handle all the temporary effects. A complete Novice will easily enter in the implementation for the given effect, and sheet will automatically apply these effects  in the correct places of the sheets.