Phoenix is one of the best and classic Kodi Add-on. Phoenix is run by the large team of playlisters that have a big amount of content to stream. Kodi is best software to stream digital media content that are locally stored. When you starts to install its add-on then the Kodi works with extra features. There are a massive number of Add-ons are available for kodi but the most popular and powerful Kodi extension is Phoenix. It works as spiritual successor of Genesis. You can access media content on Phoenix for multiple hours from various TV shows to the latest movies & films. Phoenix kodi addon is easy and intuitive to use on kodi.

The Phoenix Kodi team recently goes through some changes with Vinman, Woody and Rockcrusher that are moving on. Phoenix is a best add-on with a large group of playlists. Cosmix, Crusdar, Morepower and many others are providing good media contents in Kodi Phoenix. Instead of particular sections there are also some grouped sections are available fonor Sports, TV Shows, Movies and many other popular sections. Phoenix For Kodi add-on organizes some categories with their separate sections of Phoenix TV, New releases movies, Sports and playlists from the content creators like Crusader88, TNPB.  Thus the Phoenix is great running “group ” add-ons for Kodi.

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Phoenix was the winner of Best Add-on of the month. Phoenix team has changed and some new playlister’s joined the team. Here we provide you the complete details of Phoenix Kodi on this page.

How to Install phoenix Kodi Best solution for (phoenix kodi not working) Solution ..!

  1. To install Phoenix Add-on initially go to System and then Settings.
  2. After that click on Add-ons then you will see a option to click on Add- sources.
  3. This method works by pointing the computer or android device to a web address and then treating it like a USB or removable storage device. This time we have to enter the web url so enter the web address exactly and then click on Done
  4. Now you see a box named as Enter a name to this media device, type phoenix in that area so that it is easy to remember.
  5. Again Navigate to home screen and then go to system and then Add-ons.
  6. Then Click on Install From Zip File. A list of options will displayed their but we have to select the one folder that we just added. Select that file.
  7. Then Select a file as XMBC-Repos.
  8. Now you have to select the file marked as Eenglish and then choose the next file named as “”.
  9. Wait for the Add-on Enable notification and after getting this select on the option that says install from repository.
  10. Click on Addon Repository
  11. Press on Video Add-ons
  12. Select and click on Phoenix.
  13. Now click on Install tab.
  14. If you follow the instructions properly then the phoenix Kodi add-on will be installed successfully.
  15. You will find the add-on by clicking Video Add-ons and Then Select Phoenix.

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Some Changes In Install Phoenix Addon For Kodi (Phoenix failed To Install A Dependency)

The blue and Valhalla left the team of phoenix so their sections from Phoenix Kodi has been removed. Costa and TNPB also have been confirmed to left the phoenix. The future of kodi phoenix always be strong and also it has announced some replacement to the phoenix team. The Team has been stronger with the increasing power with joining of new team member and linking back with one. The Zem TV member Shani also joined the phoenix and allowed the Zem to be used within Phoenix. With the Zem also a new section arrived with Divas Den that streaming up in the add-on. Zodiac has cover the Sports section of the Phoneix add-on from Cosmix who is concentrating on various other projects including XXX add-ons. A new section on phoenix soon be launched that is Alpha reborn which is forward to see again after the addon demise some time ago.

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phoenix kodi

When setting up HTPC with Kodi software you will need reliable content sources to take full benefits of the Kodi media player and take hours of entertainment. Add-ons are the important parts of Kodi which improves in its features. Genesis brings a huge stuff of TV Shows and movies on your Kodi HTPC. The Kodi add-ons are that which provides you the feature to watch TV shows in different languages in different countries. Phoenix Kodi add-on is one of the best extension which allows you to watch TV shows from the comfort Zone through internet.  In our this post we will show you how to install Phoenix Kodi Add-on which is one of the best kodi Live TV add-ons that provides extremely high quality content with your interest. You don’t need to tune into the normal TV Channels after combining phoenix Kodi addon by downloading any one remote controls apps like as Kore or Yatse. Or you can also combine the phoenix add-on with the desired wireless keyboard for htpc. After successful installation of Phoenix Kodi add-on you are only a single step away from cutting the cord and watching the desired media content on the time you like.

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Phoenix Updates:-

Phoenix Add-on has been updated to the latest version v3.2.0. The change in Phoenix Kodi Add-on don’t be too much to know. We all know that lambda regularly changes in the code of phoenix add-on and others. Thus getting some changes in phoenix is understandable. After complete study of phoenix Add-on updates this is to say that it follows the new Exodus updates that released recently.

There are some changes that are noticeable in the new phoenix Add-on updates such as Indexers, Providers and cosmetics.

Phoenix Kodi Add-on is popular for its long list of channels from different countries including live TV channels from USA, Live sports channel from UK, Spain, France, Saudi, Italy, Arabia and Vice versa.

If you guys are fond of watching sports, Movies and TV shows in high quality then phoenix Add-on is one of the best Kodi add-on that you like to have on your Android device. The Phoenix is the Add-on that has been famous in the Kodi Community from very long time and it gives you the streamed media content in very high definition. In phoenix Kodi Add-on there are several sections for movies, Sports, TV shows and many others like Kids Fantasize etc.

Most of the people know the legend behind the Phoenix Kodi add-on. The Life cycle of legendary bird is marked in Ashes and Flames by its death from which it should be rise again and renewed. So now comes to the point how it relates with Phoenix for kodi ? Phoenix has sharing its problems with the functionality on different ends. However it seems like risen from the ashes in a much successful Operational Kodi add-on.

Many new users are looking towards Phoenix for its sports channels and various other good features. There are a lots of benefits to use phoenix add-on that are working properly. However, if you guys want to get this highly desirable Kodi Add-on then you need to follow some of the simple steps that are given below. It’s a little bit extensive rather than other Kodi Add-ons.

Pros And Cons of Phoenix Kodi Add-on:-

The Phoenix Kodi is one of the great IPTV extensions that you will get for your device. Now a days there are a big list of these add-ons for Kodi, many of that add-ons have horrible ineffectiveness in actual delivery content. As we all knows the phoenix from ashes, the Phoenix Kodi Extension is arrived from a whole host of functionality issues to make an extremely powerful and effective add-on for your kodi device.

After all these thing the one more thing to be notice in the phoenix is its sports streaming options. Similar to the other streaming media add-ons, phoenix provides access to various popular channels from US and UK.  This includes pretty much media content of all the Sky sports channels, Sport Specific Channels for US. It includes sports (Baseball, basket ball, hockey, golf etc.), BT sports channel, PAC-12 sports channels and also a large range of other European and international channels option.

Other then sports, however phoenix has far more options for media streaming, than the other most popular add-ons that you are searching and use. There are separate channels list specially for popular TV shows, super hit movies and movie channels like SKY & HBO. The Area of these TV Shows are limited and also it has wholly unorganized collection of live TV streaming options. For a special purpose the phoenix also has anime section which is more organized than every other sections of this add-on.

Normally Phoenix add-on Connects users to different media streaming sites so the phoenix add-on doesn’t provide you the media content from its own site. The other media sites from which the phoenix streams the content offers you the content which you are looking for.

The actual benefit behind installation of Phoenix add-on is the great number of options available in this, and the best thing is that the options and features it provides to us are works in proper manner. There are a large list of movie, sports and TV add-ons that   list on the same network that phoenix provides, but those add-ons connection never appears to be load. Phoenix works with its displayed options and figured out the real streamed content.

The actual limitation that you will find in add-ons are  its categorization. Phoenix stand with kodi having better categorization for the numerous different channels options. For Example- If the user want to watch a specific sports than phoenix helps you to find out the desired sports channel for you. The sports streaming content  that phoenix gives you is hard to find on any other add-on.

The Phoenix Kodi is fairly good add-on, solid for all kind of media streaming. The sports streaming is solid but also it is most popular among media streaming add-ons due to its flexibility options and features that are so many. We suggest you to have a look on this streaming add-on you will surely like this.

Importance of Virtual Private Network while using phoenix:-

Users of the phoenix find themselves locked out to use some of the media content. That may be frustrate you. Virtual Private Network that is commonly known as VPN works as a solution of this problem. VPNs are highly encrypted, connection of private networks that create a tunnel of sorts between both the machines that you are connected to and the device you are using. Virtual private network helps solve a host of problems when you are using online streaming of media content. However the another most important reason to use VPN is for the encryption of the content. Virtual private network allows you to online operate streaming without having worry of revealing your identity. For this purpose we suggest you IPVanish. It is most popular among kodi users. You will also find IPVanish mentioned among varieties of media sources. It has various rich and effective features.  We recommend you to use VPN to keep the Kodi media streaming habits private. Virtual private Network helps you to prevent from any geo-blocking that might be stop you by accessing various add-ons. The Kodi Community mostly uses IPVanish Virtual private network to keep the media streaming safely and get prevention from being revealed. It also have some features which are described below. It might be helpful for you to have a look on below given features.

  • Multi Device Support:- IPVanish have various types of Android Application, that will be helpful for you to use with your Android box, mobile devices and Computer.
  • Access Every Kodi Add-on:- It passes through any of the geo-restrictions and firewalls or ISP blocks and get unlocked from access of every Kodi Add-on.
  • Complete Privacy:- IPVanish provides you end to end encryption for your media content. So that no one including ISP can Knows what you are watching online.
  • No Logs:- IPVanish doesn’t create a history or make a records of any traffic or log or its VPN services.

Now we come at the new added sections in the Phoenix Add-on:-

  • Phoenix:- You Can watch sports, TV shows, Events, Entertainments, Kids, Movies, Music, News, Radio etc channels in your Phoenix TV with the new updates. If you creates an account to USTVNow then you have to enter or add the details of your USTVNow Account details to the phoenix settings to improve the channels on a free account such as ABC, CBS, CW, NBC, FOX, My9,PBS.

For Example- If you are in Sports Section. There you can see some quality links for your desired channels. These links are also available in the Live TV sections of the new Phoenix Sports Section.

In the Event section you will get links for the live happening sports events at the same time like Football, Basketball games etc. VC events will have the previously find live sporting events in the Valhalla section. One Event will have more than one Live sporting links.

In the Entertainment, we get a list of live channels direct from US and UK.

Now comes to the section of TV shows where you fins 24*7 loops of Top TV Shows. You just need to select your favourite or desired TV Show to watch and you are ready to watch.

Now the most popular section of the Kodi add-ons that is Movies Section. In this section you gets the link to numerous Movie channels. With Some of the Movie channels you have to do a captcha which helps the Bots from auto scraping of the links. Once you have to select or enter the right pictures and the channel will be straight forward to you.

Within the Kids Section also you need to do the captcha to go forward. You get several links for News, Radio, Music Channels to round up the great quality sections with the experience of IPTV goodness.

Sports Phoenix takes you to the correct place as Events through the Phoenix TV in its own section. So we already tells you that Phoenix would be the right place for your Sports Channels or live sporting channels, NHL etc.

Also the Phoenix was not enough stacked with Movies. For the New released movies or super hit movies there is a another section as Phoenix New releases. So overall we can say phoenix has amazing media stuff for all of you. Primarily it was famous only for its live sporting events and sports channels. But now the updated version of phoenix has various different sections for music, movies, news, kids, events etc.

So its enough for an media Add-on but the new stuff available in version 3.0 makes the phoenix kodi addon perfect it looks like more than an add-on normally have. It appears to be a great house with the family of all the add-ons living together. You can get your desired media in one hand and surely take an good experience with this amazing phoenix addon kodi.