Do you love to watch movies through the internet? Are you using different add-ons to watch online videos on your different versions of kodi? if you are using various types of add-ons to watch videos on your kodi then you are not connecting with present technology world yet why because all the kodi users are shifted to a different and innovative repository which delivers movies, and other tv shows,..etc Now I am revealing the repository name. The repository name is Poseidon repository. This repository can update its content daily wise simultaneously you don’t want to miss any updated videos of it. If you want to get this repo to your kodi Jarvis, kodi krypton and kodi firestick you should follow my guide.

Install Poseidon Kodi Krypton Version 17 Or Above

Till now we have seen how to install Poseidon on your kodi Jarvis 16 without getting any error. Now we are going to discuss install Poseidon on kodi krypton 17 version or more than 17 version. In the below, we are giving some easy steps to get it on your krypton lets see them once.

  • Just open your Kodi version 17 and select “Settings” which viewing as a “Gear” symbol
  • From the various options, you have to select “File manager”
  • Now click on “Add Source”
  • Click twice on “none” and enter the URL in it
  • Give a name to it, here I am giving soulless then press on OK
  • Now select “Add-ons” and there you have to select open “Gear Icon/Package Symbol”
  • Select “Install from zip file”
  • Search for “soulless” source and “Double-Click” on it
  • Find “” option. after finding “Double click” on it
  • Wait till the installation complete Notification appears
  • Now select “Install from Rrepository next select “Soulless Repo”
  • Choose “Video Add-ons” to select your “Poseidon Poseidon repository”
  • Select “Install” option to get it, Done!

These steps belong to install the Poseidon repository to your kodi krypton version 17 or more than 17. If you follow the above steps without making any changes you can get this repository easily. Then why late just follow them and get it.

Install Poseidon On Kodi Jarvis 16 or Below

From the below simple steps, you can install Poseidon repo on your kodi Jarvis 16 version. If you interested in it then you have to follow the below steps as I mentioned.

  1. Launch your kodi “JARVIS VERSION 16” and choose the option which says “SYSTEM”
  2. The second step you have to do is open “File Manager”
  3. There you need to select ” Add Source” option
  4. Here you can see “None” option then click on it for twice and enter the following URL
  5.   This should be entered in it as it is. (You can copy and paste it)
  6. Give a name to it (for ex: soulless)
  7. Now select System> Add-ons> “Install from zip file”
  8. Select a folder “SOULLESS” which we have given this name previously step
  9. “Double click on that folder” to start installation procedure
  10. Press Home Button and Choose programmes there
  11. Here you may see “SOULLESS REPO” then select it without any doubts
  12. Now go to “Video addons” and select Poseidon to open it
  13. Finally, click on the “Install button/option”

Now you can use Poseidon on your kodi Jarvis version. But most of the users are not following the above steps in order wise. If you follow them with proper steps you can not install it and you will be getting an error occurred message so be cautious.

Install Now Poseidon On Kodi Firestick

Here I am giving you another information to about Poseidon. You can install it on your favourite kodi firestick also. Do you know how does it possible? It’s very easy to install. Just follow the below steps and get Poseidon to your kodi firestick.

  1. In the first step, you need to make sure whether you have installed kodi or not. If not install it immediately on your firestick
  2. Enable firestick tv and click on system
  3. Now choose settings options
  4.  After that, you have to choose developer options
  5. Make sure whether unknown source enabled or not if not just enable it why because the new apps will come only when it enabled
  6. Enable your ABD Debugging
  7. Return to  home screen and search for “kodi”
  8. Now launch your Kodi and repeat the above steps which we have discussed for Jarvis and krypton
  9. Now you can enjoy your favourite videos through the firestick

With the above steps, you can watch your favourite videos on your kodi firestick. If you are getting any interruptions while loading this repository on your firestick check the mistakes what you have done when you were following the procedure.

Different Issues Of Poseidon Kodi

There are many issues you will be getting while using your Poseidon in your different kodi addons. Here we are going to tell you the issues and we also adding their solutions. So just know them before you using the Poseidon on your different kodi add-ons.

Poseidon Kodi Failed To Install Dependency

Most of the users are getting a routine issue on their kodi add-on is Poseidon failed install dependency. This is the very common issue you no need to worry about it. If you suddenly getting this problem you can follow the below solution and avoid that issue. The solution is as follows.


To prevent the above issue you have to do deactivate your kodi repositories. If you don’t know the procedure to deactivate just listen to me. Just go to kodi add ons>select my add ons> choose to add-on repositories> select from here what you want to remove> finally disable it. Now go to your zip file directly and install it again.

Poseidon Kodi Not Working Cannot Install Addon

If you installed the soulless repository you can install different add-ons through it. But sometimes you will be getting some trouble when you are trying to installing your favourite add-ons. At that time what will you do? Here I am giving you an easy trick to solve this issue. Just follow it.


The above problem will arise when your soulless source is down. It is a clear reference to being a patient.When the above problem arises you have to wait for few hours. This is the very common issue and this will happen to each and every repository when the server maintenance. So no need to worry about this issue.


In this article, we have kept all easy steps to install the Poseidon in different versions of kodi such as krypton, Jarvis,..etc We have provided not only the installation steps you can find solutions to various issues also. Poseidon is one of the best kodi add-on to watch your favourite movies and it delivers your favourite videos within seconds. So keep reading this article till you come to ending line. If you have any queries about this article you can ask by using the comment box. We will respond and give you a reply to your question with an educated answer. Keep visiting our site to get latest updated information.