Are you an IPTV fan? If yes, then definitely you will love the selfless Addon. The most stunning highlight of this selfless add-on is that you can access different sources with it. You’ll be able to discover the sources regardless of where you are. Yes, this is right. You’ll have the capacity to look over the different sources everywhere around the world. The selfless add-on is completely supported by the Kodi group and their support forum is always there to help you out.

To use this selfless Addon you need to download and install it. To install the add-on is an extremely simple task to perform but in case you find any difficulty as how to download it, we are discussing a step-to-step guide of how to download and install the selfless IPTV Kodi Addon.

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How To Install Selfless IPTV Addon On Kodi

IPTV has its selfless Addon supported by Kodi team which you can get from bookmark repo with live streams. Live streams has a great deal of segments and its sub-segments that includes The Big List, Manual Links, USA, day in and day out Shows, Video on Demand, WWE, Sports Heaven and substantially more. As it is a live TV add-on it’s very usual that sometimes it can be a hit or a miss depends on the stream play but generally you will find it working most of the time.

Majorly, there are two different ways to download and install the selfless IPTV Kodi Addon. Either you can do it through bookmark repository or without it. We are discussing both the methods below. You can choose among both according to your choice and can install the add-on on Kodi.

Steps to Install Selfless Iptv Addon on Kodi 17.6 Thorough Bookmark Repo

Step1. The very first step you need to do is to click on the system settings icon given on the top left side of the screen.

Install The Dogs Bollocks On Kodi 7

Step2. When you’ll go to the system settings, you will find various options and you need to tap on the file manager.

Selfless addon 2

Step3. The file manager will open up with two alternatives: profile directory and add source. You need to click on the add source option.

Selfless addon3

Step4. You will find an option say ‘none’ over there. You just have to tap that option.

Install The Dogs Bollocks On Kodi 5

Step5. Now, it will ask for the URL link and the link that you have to type is After entering press OK.

Self less 2

Step6. After completing step5, a new box will appear on the screen and you need to type ‘Livef4m’ in that box. After typing press OK and proceed. You can check above image.

Step7. Before moving forward, kindly cross check all the details you have entered and click OK.

Step8. If you had double checked everything next step is to go to the main menu and click on the option ‘Addon’ among all the given options.

selfless 3

Step9. After that, you will find a small icon on the top left of the screen. The icon is called Add-on package installer icon. Just click on that icon.

selfless 4

Step10. The add-on icon will show different options such as my add-ons, recently updated, install from repository, install from zip file etc. The option you need to select is ‘install from Zip file’.

selfless 5

Step11. When you’ll click on the zip file option, various boxes will pop up on the screen and you need to select ‘Livef4m’ option.

selfless 5

Step12. Then you need to click ‘’ that you will find on the screen and click OK.

selfless 6

Step13. When you will click the option, repository will start downloading and when it will get complete, a notification will pop up on the screen say ‘Bookmark repository installed’.

selfless 7

Step14. Then click on the option ‘install from repository’.

selfless 8

Step15. Many options will pop up on the screen after the step 14. You have to click on the option ‘bookmark repository’.

selfless 7

Step16. The three different boxes will appear but among them the video add-ons need to be selected.

selfless addon 9

Step17. After completing step16, click on the ‘selfless’ option.

Step18. You will find an option of ‘install’ at the right bottom side of the screen. Click on the install option.

Performing all the steps, you will find your Selfless IPTV Kodi Addon installed.

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Steps to Install Selfless Addon Through No Repo

Step1. Similar to the methods of installing through repositories, you need to go the system settings icon appears on the top left of the screen.

Step2. Then go to the file manager and the select the add sources.

Step3. Then select the option ‘none’ and type the URL when asked. The URL is

Step4. Then type ‘bliss’ and perform the same steps till install from zip file.

Step5. Then select bliss option and

Step6. Click on the option

Step7. Wait till it gets installed.

Selfless Iptv Kodi Addon Errors and Fixes

There may be chances that when you download the Kodi add-ons, various error messages will pop up on your screen. The most common error message people find while downloading is failed to install a dependency. It might happen due to various reasons or root causes. There may be some missing while streaming.

These problem can be fixed easily and here we are discussing what should one do while meeting with these problems. They are:


Before downloading selfless IPTV Kodi Add-ons, you should always ensure about your privacy online before streaming online on Kodi. This is because you may struck in legal actions, therefore, to avoid this privacy ensure should be done. For this, you can use VPN that will safeguard you from all these kinds of issues. The most recommended VPN is IPVanish that is completely affordable and provides higher speed while downloading or streaming online with Kodi. It also protects your identity and private information.


Failed to install a dependency messages may occur when you’re installing repositories got outdated or they no longer can work. In this case, you need to switch to the updated depositories. Some of them are:

Stream all the resources and exodus depositories are replaced by the ‘smash repository’. So in case you are using the prior ones disable or uninstall them and install the smash repository.

Super Repo is one of the new and updated repositories that had replaced various obsolete repositories.

Make sure that you have uninstalled the previous ones and only then install the new and updated repositories. For uninstalling the obsolete depositories,

  • Go to the Add-ons and then ‘My add-ons’.
  • Then click on Add-on repository and select the repositories that you need to install.

The best repositories suggestible are smash repository and super Repo repository.

Selfless Iptv Kodi Addons No Streams Available

There are various Kodi repositories which do not have any streams available. They were facing some issues due to which they are no longer streaming. Therefore, Kodi had developed there substitutes that can be downloaded.

No stream available is an error which is extremely common with the Kodi group. When it happens, it means the add-on has no sources available and for this reason it has to be stopped. But you don’t need to worry about it. If it happens anytime then solution is also provided simultaneously.

The early selfless IPTV Kodi Add-on has temporarily got shut down by Kodi group as it stopped streaming i.e. there are no sources available for the selfless add-on. Therefore, Kodi had come up with selfless add-on alternative that can be downloaded or installed through Kodi VPN repositories. When you will download the selfless Kodi add-on through VPN repo, it will be more secure and you don’t need to worry about the Trojans.