Selfless Lite addon can be installed from the Bookmark Lite Repository. If you use this addon on your kodi software then you can use its service in the form of  Latest news and Updates, Live TV, Movies, and Channels..etc But most of the users are asking one common query is Selfless Lite addon Not working and Failed to install a dependency.

If you are also getting the above mentioned issue in December then you must follow our suggestions and we mentioed every step to solve this issue on your kodi software either it could be a krypton or it could be a jarvis. So follow the below solution to avoid this issue and get your videos back again.

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Selfless Lite Addon Failed To Install A Dependency & Not Working 2020 Issue Solved

Selfless Lite addon is not working only because of the failed to install a dependency reason. There are several reasons which will allow to get this dependency issue. Now we are going to know the reasons behind of it and also their solutions.

Actually, this issue will arise becasue of conflicts with other addons, change the repo url, hardware, repository is overloaded or down. But here we are mentioning some easy ways to fix this issue what ever the reason it might be from those reasons, you can follow the below suggestions.

  1. You must have to restart the device which is using with the kodi and then try it once again
  2. Now You need to check the “Event Log” option
  3. Now you have to select the “System Icon” from the “Kodi Home Screen”
  4. Now Chose “Event Log” and then collect all “Failed Items” and then click on those items and then finally click on “Install”
  5. If the event log hasn’t find any failed items then you have to  “Install Dependencies Manually”
  6. Final suggestion we have is, you have to clear out all data with another addon i.e, Fresh Start

These are the main reasons to allow selfless lite addon failed to install a dependency. If you follow the above suggestions you can solve easily and also you can get all its latest features along with your favourite videos.

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So, we hope you got best suggestion from our team. If you are getting any other Selfless Lite Addon not working issues then leave a comment and we will solve that issue with in a reasonable hours or days.

The above mentioned Selfless Lite Addon failed to install a dependency is the common issue to this addon so try the above aspects and get rid of this issue now.