Real Debrid On Kodi: To avoid the streaming issues on your kodi software you have to set up the real debrid. The Real Debrid can be set up by using the URL resolver. Once you set up the real debrid on your kodi you won’t get any buffering issues while you are trying to watch a movie or any other videos on your kodi.

It will help you a lot to get the HD videos without giving any interruptions. With its giving links you will get a perfect video which can stream your favourite video or any tv shows. The most advantage of this real debrid is will improve your streaming experience on your kodi. To get all these features to your kodi you have to fix this on your kodi whether it is a Jarvis or it is a krypton

So let us start the today’s tutorial.

Before you are going to set up the real debrid on kodi, you must check that you had a real debrid account or not. If you don’t have the real debrid account, you need to sign up for the real debrid account, so just follow our simple steps which can make your real debrid account as soon as simple.

How To Sign Up (Create) With Real Debrid Account

To get this real debrid on your kodi you need to sign up for the real debrid account. Don’t you know how to sign up? then join with us and know more about the real debrid

  1. Visit the “Real Debrid Website”
  2. Here you will get “Sign Up” option, so select that
  3. After few seconds you will get “Confirmation Email”
  4. Now click on “Activate your Real Debrid Account”
  5. Now “Login To The Real Debrid Website”
  6. Check your email Box here you will get  “Security Code”
  7. The security code will help you to complete the “Real Debrid Registration”
  8. Chose “Premium Real Debrid Subscription”

This is the brief explanation of the real debrid account creation. Now you are allowed to get the real debrid on your kodi. So let’s start the procedure to set up real debrid on kodi Jarvis and also kodi krypton.

How To Setup (Configure) Real Debrid On Kodi Krypton 17-17.6

To get this real debrid on your kodi krypton you have to follow the below steps and they will show you the good path and easy steps to configure real debrid on your kodi krypton 17-17.6. So just follow them as they were mentioned.

  1. Launch your “Kodi Software”
  2. Click on “Settings” option
  3. Now chose “System Settings”
  4. Click on “Basic” once or twice when it became “Advanced’ you have to stop clicking on it.
  5. Now click on “Addons”
  6. Chose “Manage Dependencies” which lies right side of your screen
  7. Click on “URL Resolver” from the list of servers
  8. Click on “Configure” it lies beneath of your screen
  9. Chose “Universal Resolver”
  10. Then chose “Priority”
  11. After that, you have to change the value from 100 to 90
  12. Then click on “Done”
  13. Next click on “OK”
  14. Now click on “Configure”
  15. Chose “Universal Resolver”> Click on “Real Debrid”> Now chose “(Re) Authorize My Account”
  16. Here you need to go to the real debrid official website to get the “Code”
  17. For that, you need to visit the official website of real debrid “”
  18. There you have to enter the “Code” and select “Continue”
  19. After few seconds you would get “your account has authorised now” pop up
  20. That’s all “Real Debrid Is Setup” now

This is the procedure to configure the real debrid on your kodi krypton 17-17.6. To get the high-quality videos and to get the perfect streaming videos on your kodi krypton you should configure the real debrid on your kodi.

How To Setup (Configure) Real Debrid On Kodi Jarvis 16 & Below

The above procedure definitely suitable for the kodi users who using the krypton 17 and above of it. Now we are going to discuss the how to setup (Configure) real debrid on kodi Jarvis 16 & below versions.

  1. Launch your “Kodi”> Select “System”>Click on “Addons”>Click on “Dependencies”> Select “URL Resolver”> Chose “Configure”> Now select “Real Debrid” Then chose “Priority”> Here you need to change the value from “100 to 90”> Click on “OK”
  2. Now select “Configure”> Click on “Universal Resolver”> Chose “Real Debrid”>Here you need to enable “(Re)Authorize my account”
  3. Now open a “New Browser”> From that browser you have to visit “”
  4. There you have to enter “Code” and click on “Allow”
  5. After entering the code you will get “Real Debrid account is authorized” notification

This is the tutorial for how to setup real debrid on your kodi Jarvis 16 & below of its versions. Now your kodi Jarvis will give a better quality video and this real debrid also will improve your kodi streaming content.

Why Do We Configure (Setup) Real Debrid On Kodi

The real debrid is a great opportunity to get the high-quality videos on kodi software through every kodi addon. If you once get this real debrid on your kodi you no need to go back to get the better streaming videos. The real debrid will protect you from the all unwanted links which do not provide any kind of videos with the quality streaming.

With this real debrid, you can get the perfect links for any video that you want to watch on your kodi. So we have provided exact information to set up the real debrid on kodi either for the krypton or for the Jarvis. So use them and get the real debrid on your kodi.

Conclusion For The Real Debrid:

In this article, we have provided all th information about the real debrid. Once you observe this article you can get the information about the how to get the real debrid account and how to set up the real debrid account on your kodi Jarvis and also on your kodi krypton.

After following the above steps on your kodi you will get the Real debrid account as well as real debrid services instantly on your kodi versions. So to experience the high-quality videos on your kodi you must get this real debrid account and also setup this real debrid. If you want to share any kind of queries you have to use the comment section.