Specto is a popular kodi add-on. It can deliver the videos in the high quality and you can watch your favourite videos and many tv shows of different countries through this kodi Specto. In this article, we have discussed how to install the Specto on kodi application, How to solve Specto kodi not working issue, The review of a Specto kodi application and finally Specto failed to install a dependency. We emphasised on these issues. You can know the solutions to these issues from here. Try to keep reading this article, we hope it will help you very much to know about the Specto issues.

 Specto Kodi Install Steps On Kodi Latest Version

We have mentioned here simple and easy steps to install Specto on kodi application. You can follow the below steps to install it to your kodi application. The steps are as follows

  •  Open your “Kodi application”
  •  Open “Settings option”
  •  Press on the “System settings” option
  •  You have to turn on “Unknown sources” option
  •  If it has turned on “Ignore it”
  •  Then go back to “System page”
  •  And click on “File manager”
  •  Select “Add source”
  •  Click on “<none>”
  •  After that, you have to type the following URL as it is “http://mediarepos.org/kodistuff”
  •  Highlight the box that you have “Given URL” in it and “give a name to it”.
  •  Go back to the “Kodi home screen”
  •  Click on the “Add-ons menu” item
  •  Click on the open “Box icon”
  •  Then click on the “Install from zip file”
  •  Click on the folder to which you have “Given a name in the previous step”
  •  Click on the “Smashrepo Zip file”
  •  Wait till the Smashrepo addon “Installed message appears”
  •  Then click on the “Install from repository”
  •  Choose to “Smash repository”
  •   Click on “Video addons”
  •  Then click on the “Specto”
  •  Click on it to “Install”
  •  wait up to “Specto addon installed”

We hope the above steps will give you an information to install specto on kodi application easily.

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 Specto Kodi Not Working Issue Solved [with Simple Actions!]

Most of the users are irritating and complaining about Specto not working on their kodi application issue. Here we are providing the solution to this problem. And you can use this information for your Specto not working issue on your kodi application. There are mainly two reasons to not working issue. The reasons are,  your Specto on kodi has no updated version and you might have entered the wrong URL when you were installing Specto on your kodi application.

  1.  You need to follow the installation steps of Specto on kodi application to update your Specto on kodi application
  2.  You have to make sure that you have entered” Exact URL or Not”
  3. Here we are providing the URL
  4. The URL is “http://mediarepos.org/kodistuff”

The above steps let you use this Specto application without any interruptions. If your application not working issue, make sure your Specto application has the above problems or not if yes! you need to follow the above instructions.

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 Review Of Specto Kodi Application

The Specto kodi application has been giving its service since its creation. Immediately install it, If you don’t have this application with you. This application had below features. Have a look at what features to know more about specto kodi?

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 Movies section:

If you want to watch movies through the specto application you need to click on the movies section. In this section, you have genre like comedy, action, animation, adventure, biography, documentary, drama, family, history, horror, music, etc

Next, you have year section. Once you have clicked on the year option you can choose a year whatever you want to choose you can choose that year and you would enjoy that year videos.

Next, you have person section. Once you have clicked on this option you can select the actor or actress name and search their upcoming movies and outdated movies.

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  Language Section:

In this, you have varied features like you can choose your favourite language to watch movies and if you want to watch your favourite movie in your regional language you can watch that movie in your regional language also. These are the features of this language section in the Specto kodi application.

  Settings Section:

This section will let you control any inappropriate interruptions and quality of the video which you are watching on your specto kodi screen.

This is all about the short review of the specto on kodi application. We hope this review can make you understand the specto kodi application.

 How To Fix Failed To Install a Dependency In Specto Kodi

When you face specto kodi failed to install a dependency you need to follow our instructions to solve your problem. We experienced this problem on my specto kodi application and finally, we got a solution for this. Now we have come here with that solution to share among you. Here the simple steps you can watch and follow them to solve your problem. The main thing you have to remember here is that you must reset your kodi application before you follow below steps.

  • Open kodi on your device
  • Then go to “Addons”
  •  Next, go to “Install from zip file”
  •  Then go to “Wizard option”
  •  You will get “Failed to install a dependency” in the bottom
  •  Then you need to go to “Kodi repository”
  •  Click on the “Log viewer for kodi”
  •  “Open” the above option and “Install” it
  •  Then go back to “System” again
  •  Go to “Addons”
  •  Then “Install from repository”
  •  Go to “Fantific theme repo”
  •  Then “Programme addons”
  •  Install “Fantific wizard”
  •  Here again, you need to go to “Kodi Menu”
  • Go to “Kodi log viewer”
  •  Open “show logs”
  •  Then you will get an error message with “script.module.addon.common”
  •  Here you have to go “Google”
  •  Enter the above “Error address”
  •  You can download it from the google first page
  •  Make sure in which folder you want to download it
  •  Again go to “Kodi” and click on “System” again
  •  Then go to “Addons”
  •  Again click on “Install from zip file”
  •  Here you have to go to “Users” option
  •  Go to “Download folder”
  •  You have to go to your “Download folder”
  •  Click on that “Folder”
  • Click on the “Specto kodi application”
  •  It will install automatically after you clicked on the app.

This is how to fix your specto kodi failed to install dependency.you can find more updates about the kodi applications through our website. Stay in touch with us to know more information about the kodi.