Most of the time, you are facing the problem when you entre the long email or the password and its difficult to remember the password. So now you can log in in the account of the stan by enabling you to activate your PlayStation online with the help of the code. You just need to follow the below instruction and you can activate it easily without having any problem. So let’s move further-

  • If you want to activate the stan application then firstly you have to launch the application on your device. You can easily log in the stan app by using the code of the activation if you are using the application for the first time
  • After that, you have to enter the code of the activation which is given on the site of the  from your computer or mobile device.
  • You have to first login in the account of the stan if in case you have not signed with the device
  • Now you will get the code of the verification and with that code, you have to confirm with the message and you can see that your PlayStation is logged in to the stan.
  • You have to remember one thing that the activation code is valid only for 15 minutes. You have to use the code within the time. If you use after the 15 minutes then it will get expire.

Stan login problems

By mistake, you might entre the incorrect username or the password which shows the problem of the login. As the name of the user is the email address to scribe the account of the stan and the password is the kind of the security which is basically set up for the registration. You can easily reset the password also.

If you have more the username and the password correct but still it is showing the problem then there are various other reasons for the problem which is given below-

  • You have to check the connection of the internet that it is working or not. As the connection which is dropped can access to the StanUnsure.
  • Make sure that you have only the one account of the stan because if you have one account then you have to make your own profile which is needed for the primary account holder to be login.
  • If you have signed with the various email address then it is difficult to send the information in your stan account. So make sure that you have only one email address.

Well if you are getting any problem or you are not getting any mail from the stan then you have entered the email address incorrect. Please, check it again and if you want to keep attach with the support of the stan. Then we always help you to correct this error or the issue from the bottom of the screen as soon as we can.