Supermacy addon can be installed by using the supermacy repository. It is giving the best performance amongst all other addons. But once if you use this addon, it might give some issues such as supermacy failed to install a dependency and also some other supermacy addon not working issues.

In this article we are covering the permanent solution for those issues. If you are facing these issues on your kodi supermacy addon repository then follow our free tutorial to get the solution. With the below solutions you can stream your favourite videos on your kodi by this addon.

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How To Get Rid Of Supermacy Failed To Install A Dependency

Those who are using this supermacy repository to install the various addons especilly the supermacy addon getting this failed to install a dependency and also the supermacy could not connect to the repository. For those issues we are getting this issue can use the below steps to avoid this one of the not working errors.

  1. “Kodi Home Screen” > “Addons”“Addon Browser”“Install From Repository” >“Kodi Addon Repository”
  2. Chose “Program Addons” > Search and hit on “Log Viewer For Kodi” > Select “Install”
  3. After Few Seconds the “Log Viewer” will be installed
  4. Click on the “Configure” >“Enable” the “Invert Log (most recent first)” option and then click on “OK”
  5. Chose  “RUN” > “Show Log” > You will get a “List Of Errors”
  6. From that list you will see “Script.module.supermacy” Error (You need to collect all errors and save them in a folder)

So What Do We Need To Do To Get Rid Of  That Dependency Error.

  1. “Kodi Home Screen” > “Settings” icon >“System Settings” > from bottom of the screen you must select “Expert”
  2. Now chose “Addons” > “Enable” the “Unknown Source”
  3. Come back to one step and click on the “File Manager”
  4. Now chose “Add source” > Select “None” > Now you have to enter the source which you found from the “show log”
  5. After entering the “Source Of Dependencies”> come back to the “Kodi Home screen”
  6. Click on “Addons” > select “Addon Browser” > Click on “Install From Zip File” > Select “Source Folder” (What ever you named)
  7. Select “Repo” > Here you will get the dependency error “Script.module.supermacy” And also what ever you got the error from the “Show Log List”
  8. So you have to click on that “Dependency” to Install it

That’s it now you will see the prefect working Supermacy addon which was get rid of the Failed To Install A Dependency.

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Different Types Of Supermacy Not Working Errors And Their Solutions

Till now we have discussed about the most reputative and irritating error i.e, Supermacy Failed To Install A Dependency. But there  is only one error which is delivering supermacy not working issue is, Supermacy Could Not Connect To The Repository

This is the another issue which which leads to supermacy repo not working. Now we have to use the solution of Supermacy could not connect to the repository.

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The only solution to get rid of this supermacy could not connect to the repository is, just uninstall the repository and also the addon and then you have to reinstall with the latest version.

But some times it won’t install at that time you have to try that installation procedure next day or after sometime.