Hey, guys are you using the kodi application in your different and latest gadgets?.I hope you may enjoy all the features of the old version of the kodi application, now it’s time to update your kodi application.why because it had so many latest features than the old version so you need to update your kodi application on your android box, or any thing else.some times the old version is running perfectly at that time you have no need to update your kodi application.iam thinking that all of you have been using kodi 16.1version am I right? if you are getting any inappropriate risk with your kodi application while operating on your gadgets so you need to update your kodi application from your old version to new version that means kodi 17.4.

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But when you are trying to update your kodi application for your android box you need to know some important aspects those are related to do’s and dont’s.they are as follows.

How To Update Kodi On Android Box

As I said above you should update your kodi application to enjoy the new features that you didn’t have in the past.so here common doubt the players will get is how to update kodi application in your android box.the steps here we are providing to you .just follow that steps to update your kodi application and to enjoy the new features of this application.

  1. First, you need to open the “Play store” in your “Android Box”
  2. It is better to check do you had “Google Play Store Account” or not when you are getting any trouble while using the play store.
  3. If you don’t have the “Play Store Account”.you should create “Google Account”
  4. The account is mandatory to open the “Google Play Store”
  5. The “Google Play Store Home Screen” will appear to you after you have logged in.
  6. Click on “My Apps” option
  7. Then the play store will show you the “Applications” which are needed to update yet
  8. Check the “Kodi Application” from that list
  9. If you want to “Update Kodi Application”, immediately “Click on that Kodi Application”
  10. After that the update option will appear to you then “Click On The Update Option” to update your kodi application
  11. It will be “Updated After You Have Clicked’ on the update option.

These are the simple steps to update your kodi application on your android box.neverthless, do you have any doubts about this process you can approach us via commenting in the comment box.we hope that it will be helped to you when you want to update your kodi application on your android box.

Check For Updates

Normally the updates will let you know but in some times you may get any doubts about your updates of the applications at that time you can check the updates by following the below simple steps the steps are as follows.

Kodi 17.4:

  1. “Click  on Addons” from your “Kodi Home Screen”
  2. The second step is to “Click On My Addons”
  3. “Click” on the “Side Panel”
  4. “Check for Updates”
  5. if there were any updates you can check them on the “Top of the Right On Screen”

The above steps are about how to check updates in kodi 17.4


  • “Click” on the “System” from the “Home Screen Of Kodi”
  • Then “Click on the Addons”
  • “Click” on the “Side Panel at the Left”
  • Then watch the “Auto Update Option” is it “On” or “Off”
  • If it was “Off” so you should make it to “On”
  • Then “Click” on the “Check for Updates”

the above steps are especially for kodi 16.4

How to update kodi on your LibreElec

  1. The latest version of “LibreElec is V8.0.1”
  2. To Update this you need to “Open Kodi Main Menu”
  3. “Click” on the “System Option”
  4. Then “LibreElec”
  5. And then “Click” on the “Update Channel”
  6. After that, you can “Select v8.0” from the window
  7. The window will show you “New Available Versions”
  8. “Click on the Version” that what ever you want

These are the simple steps for update kodi on your LibreElec

Main Aspects to watch Before You Update

There are so many Android kodi boxes in the market so there is a chance to get confused so it is better to read this article to will not be confusing.

1.How Much Internal Space Is Available

There is an essential need to check how much space is having your gadget now.the internal space is very less to download the kodi application to your android box, especially in older versions.

Some times it is downloading to sd card or flash drive when space is not available to install this application

2.Is It Having Hard Reset Now?

Here you need to go back to the default settings when the box will come with some sort of hard or soft reset.

3.Is Your Box Has Need to Update

Some boxes will not allow running newest kodi version .in general it is better to have at least a dual core 2.0GHZ CPU and 1GB of RAM as a minimum.

The above are the do’s and dont’s while updating the kodi into your android box.and now we are going to tell you how to update kodi on the android box.

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How To Update Kodi on Open Elec

Here we are not keeping the information about how to update kodi on open Elec.why because this version is not supporting for the kodi latest version 17.so try to understand this obstruction.we will inform you by keeping the whole information about this after we will be got the information.there is no alternative thing than the waiting for the update.

Final Words:

This article is all about for let players know about the latest updated versions of their android and other gadgets.in this we have known about the whole information of update kodi on android box old to new version in various gadgets.

Let us know what is in your mind and what you are thinking about our work.if you want to give your suggestions or your opinions you can comment on the comment box by writing your doubt or question.