The verdict is a popular addon. In nowadays it is getting a huge and tremendous response from the kodi users. Actually, this was released just a few days ago. It can be installed from the judgement repository. It has a variety of categories, to watch them on kodi software you have to install this addon through the judgement repository.

In the article, we are going to show how to install this judgement repository as well as how to install the latest verdict kodi addon through the judgement repository. You must follow the each and every step which ae are going to explain them in the below lines. So just check them below.

How To Install (Get) Verdict On Kodi Krypton 17-17.6

It is very simple to get this latest verdict addon to your kodi krypton whether it is 17 or above 17 versions. Simply you have to follow the below steps and get this latest addon immediately to your kodi krypton.

  • Start your “Kodi Krypton” on your device (PC, Mac,..etc)
  • Chose “Settings” icon from your kodi home screen
  • Now click on “System Settings
  • There you will find “Unknown Sources” option but before that, you have to select “Addons
  • Besides of your right hand, you will find “Unknown Sources” option, you must “Enable” it
  • Now go back to the “Kodi Home Screen
  • Click on “System Settings” icon> find “File Manager” and click on it> Select “Add Source“> There you can find “None” option> In that none option you have to enter the “URL“> The URL is ““> Click on “OK
  • Below of that, you can see “Enter a name for this media source” so enter a name in that as “Judgement or any other which you can remember” then select “OK
  • Now come back to the “Kodi Home Screen
  • Select “Addons“> Click on ” Package Installer” icon> Chose “Install From Zip File“> Now search for your folder “Judgement or what you have given in the previous step”> Now there you have to select ” Judgement” > Wait for few seconds to get “Addon” enabled notification
  • Now select “Install From Repository”
  • Chose “Judgement Repo
  • Select “Video Addons
  • Now chose “Verdict
  • Click on “Install
  • Wait for few seconds and after few seconds you will get “Verdict addon successfully installed” notification

So you are highly eligible to use this “Verdict Addon” on your kodi krypton either it is krypton 17 or it is more than 17. I Hope you all are understood the above steps and installed successfully.

How To Install (Get) Verdict On Kodi Jarvis 16 & below

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about how to get and how to use the newly updated verdict addon on your kodi Jarvis 16&below. So come with me and learn more than you knew about this addon.

  1. Launch your “Kodi Software
  2. Click on “Settings” icon
  3. Click on “System Settings
  4. Now chose “Addons
  5. Right side of your screen you can see “Unknown Sources” option
  6. You have to “Enable That Unknown Sources” option
  7. Come back to the “Kodi Home Screen
  8. Click on “Settings” icon
  9. Now chose “File Manager
  10. Click on “Add Source
  11. Hit on “None” option
  12. In that none option, you have to type the exact URL “"
  13. Click on “OK
  14. Below on your screen, you can observe “Enter a name for this media source” would appear
  15. In that box, you need to mention a name for your source as “Judge or any name that you want to give”
  16. Go back to the “Kodi Home Screen”
  17. Chose “Addons”
  18. Now select “Open Box” icon (Package Installer)
  19. Chose “Install From Zip File”
  20. Select your folder “Judge or other names what you have called it in the previous step”
  21. Click on “Judgement Repo (x.x).zip”
  22. Wait for few seconds to get “Addon Enabled” Notification
  23. Now chose “Install From Repository”
  24. Click on “Judgement repo”
  25. Click on “Video Addons”
  26. Chose your most favourite addon “Verdict”
  27. Click on “Install”
  28. After few seconds you will get “Verdict addon successfully installed”

The above discussed all steps work very effectively on every kodi Jarvis versions. If you have installed this addon once in your kodi Jarvis you no need to watch further to update this addon because it was introduced just a few days ago.

How To Solve Verdict Addon Issues With Simple Tricks

If you once installed the verdict kodi addon you will find some interruptions on your kodi on any device. Here we are going to mention them simultaneously you can find their solutions also.

Could Not Connect To The Repository

Probably this issue would be raised on your kodi whenever you have entered the wrong URL and there is a chance from the side of your internet connection. So let me tell you how to solve them with easy tricks.


To solve this issue on your kodi you have to recheck your URL address if it was not entered perfectly you need to re-enter that URL address. Sometimes your internet connection might give interruptions to your verdict addon videos.

Failed To Install A Dependency

There is no problem in this except the updated repository. You must check that you have either an updated repository or outdated repository.


You would not get any issues if you had an updated repository. So definitely you may be had an outdated repository. So it’s better to install an updated repository. If you don’t want to search anywhere about this repository you can get that repository from us. We have given full guidelines to install this repository. So install that and get your favourite verdict addon from the above steps.


This is the full-length article where you can get your favourite verdict addon. If you once follow our installation steps you don’t get any interruptions. If you found any interruptions you may be entered wrong steps in wrong place so follow the above steps and get this addon for your kodi without having any disturbances.

If you want to ask any kind of queries which are closely relevant to the verdict kodi addon. We will solve them as soon as possible. Visit again for more updates.