The users of the Kodi is very high just to prevent the excessive quantity of the load. We have to use the so that the providers can easily prevent unwanted traffic from the website. If it is compulsory to do the pairing with the device for the stream authorization then you have to go to the Firstly you have to register the IP address on the site before using any kind of services. Then after you will get the permission of the steaming the favorite movies for 4 hours. Again after 4 hours, it will ask for the authorization. pair is one of the best and the perfect solution just to maintain the services up, fast and the unfailing source of the host of the movie. Users should have to validate their IP to gain access to the streaming.

Note:  vev io pair keed changing their website address to know the working url visit this page because we keep update working website address here. For now working urls are ,

How To Fix Stream Authorization

Below, here I am going to share the complete method which you need to follow to know How to Fix Stream authorization on Kodi. The methods are too easy so that everyone can easily fix and enjoy the favorite movie on the vev.lo/pair. You just need to scroll down the page and below I am going to share the best 3 methods so that you can choose any one method.

Warning: Before pairing your device with make sure that your pairing device and that kodi using device should be connected to the same wifi network, otherwise its wont work even if you paired device with website and also if you use VPN for kodi then Turn on VPN and follow the below process.

How To Fix Kodi Stream Authorization 

This method is the least complex method among them all as we have to directly receive the authorization permission from the provider. You just need to follow the steps which are given below-

1). Firstly you have to open the web browser and enter this “vev.lo/pair” URL  that you can easily see in the popup window of the Kodi

vev io pair 1

2). Then after, fix the “Captcha” like below image

3). then you have to click on the  “Activate streaming” and you will get the message that your IP will only work for the 4 hours once you activate it.

vev io pair 2

4). Once you Click on Activate Streaming then it will show like “Your device is successfully Paired” that means you can use vev io pair service without any pop on kodi.

Noe, you can take the benefit to your favorite content or movies for 4 hours. After 4 hours, again you need to approve once more. Just to avoid this problem, we will recommend you to use the VPN like IPVanish. You can securely enter the new IP address without having any kind of issue.

Fix Vev.Io/pair Issue With Disabling Hosters With Captcha

To apply this Disabling hosters with captcha method, firstly you have to open the Kodi app. The chance of playing the content may be minimized and this is only possible with the help of the addon settings.

  • You have to first click on the left side and search the “Addons”
  • Then you have to select any “add-on” from the settings
  • Under the “playback” option, you will get the “hosters with captchas” 
  • After that, you have to “disable” the option.
  • There is the “OK” button on the top right corner of the Kodi app and you have to click on it.
  • Once you have clicked on the OK button, then you are done with this method.

Once you have done this, so there is no need to do this for each and every addon separately. Without having any captcha, you can enjoy and watch your favorite movies and the TV shows in your Kodi addons and for those who are looking for http // solution here you go.

How to Fix With Real Debrid Account

Real Debrid is one of the perfect solution to fix this issue but we have to buy their subscription to use the service of real debrid. Their plans start from 3 EUR to 16 EUR. Its automatically skip dead movie urls and provide working urls only on time and you will never get streaming vev io pair authorization error on your kodi once you connect your account to kodi. Fix with Configuring URL resolver

Most of the users are in the hurry, so they need the shortcut method which consumes the less time. So this method is one of the best methods that can disable the hosters for all addons. With the help of the configuring URL resolver, you can easily block the provider’s site easily at the onetime only. For this, you have to follow the steps which are given below-

  • Firstly you have to click on the “Settings” of the system
  • Then on the left side of the screen, there is the “Addon” option available and you have to click on the “manage dependencies”.
  • Now you to choose the URL Resolver from the list which is shown on the screen and then selects the configure from it.
  • After that, you have to select any one of the resolvers from the list which is given
  • In the end, you will see on the right-hand side of the screen, there is the option of “Enable”. You have to click on it.

How To fix on Firestick With Simple Steps?

If you are the user of the Kodi then definitely you are facing any issue or problem with the again with the Kodi app. Mainly you have to face the capture issues, stream authorization errors, no stream available errors and lot more. So just to avoid these problems or issues, we have to fix the on the firestick.

  1. Fisrt we need to connect firestick device to “Same wifi Network”
  2. Then go to the amazon app store  then type “SILK BROWSER”
  3. Install that browser once installing done type this “vev.Io/pair” address in that silk browser address bar
  4. Now we have to fix Captcha “I Am Not A Robot”
  5. Once you fix that click on “Activate Streaming”.

Now you can go back to kodi and watch movies and tv shows without vev io pair streaming authorization pop on your kodi software. If you get same pop up after 4 hours repeat the same process and fix it.

Those who are using the firestick Kodi, then you directly not open the URL. They have to connect with the mobile, laptop that is having the same internet connection for the verification. So here we are providing you the best authorization to your IP address and not for the device. You have to keep one thing in mind that you have to connect both the devices with the same internet connection. Then only you can fix on the firestick.

Is safe or not?

This is the most common question that comes in your mind. That Is safe or not? Just to make safe, you have to use the IPVanish that is always open to the public as it routes all the traffic to the IPVanish server. After that, the server sends the traffic out to the internet. With the help of this server, nobody knows who are you as it does provide the identity of you. It only knows that the IPVanish server has requested some data.

This IPVansih server is well tested and very safe as it does not keep any record of your activity. It has the servers all over the world and you can easily pick which one to log into. As vev io pair is one pairing site for the stream authorization and you always need some safe server for it and if anyone wants to solve https // /pair problem in kodi then you can simple follow this article steps.

Why not working?

Most of the time, what happens your iPhone and the Android use the public IP servers for any users. Then some of you may not be able to solve the captcha or unable to do the pairing with the device. So I am going to give you the perfect solution then you can easily pair with the device and here you can go not working to know more about this vev not working issue.

  • Firstly you have cut your phone connection by turning OFF and go to plane mode.
  • This is done to use the IP address that is mainly provided by the GSM
  • Once these steps are done then you have to again re-try the pairing of the device.

As Virtual Private Network is used to provide the best security and the privacy to both private as well as the public networks. If you have to pair your device which is based on the IP address then you have to use the VPN service that comes with the different IP. You just need to pair the device by using the web browser which is connected to the same VPN.. We can use this VPN for all kodi stream authorization services like pair and more.

Frequently Asked Questions Of

1). Can we have paid service to get rid of error on kodi ?

Ans: By using “Real Debrid” we can get rid of error on kodi

2). Is firestick pairing process different or same?

Ans: Same but you have to install SILK BROWSER on your firestick then start follow the steps in that browser from entering this vev pair url.

3). What Are The Free VPN Servers ?

Ans: Hoxx and Hammer are two free VPN servers to use

4). What Are The Best VPN Servers To Use ?

Ans: Surfshark, Express VPN, CyberGhost, Nord VPN, IPVanish these are the best VPN servers.

5). Is Legal

Ans: Yes ! it is legal and no need to worry about its legality.

6). In above 3 methods which method is best for vev io pair ?

Ans: I prefer 1st method to use vev io pair services and remaining 2 methods to block vev io pair services

7). What is the permanent solution for vev io pair error on kodi ?

Ans: There is no permanent solution for it because this implemented by website to earn some money from ads to provide better service


Well, In this way you can fix the stream authorization on the Kodi. If you really get irritated just because of the errors or the captcha. Then after reading out this article, you can easily get rid of the problem and you will get these errors again. But still, you have any query then lets us know by commenting below in the comment box.